Grammy Awards Fashion: Hits, Misses... and Paris Hilton?

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Lorde won many Grammy Awards last night. So did Daft Punk.

Taylor Swift sang about Jake Gyllenhaal; Pink acted like an acrobat; Katy Perry performed alongside Juicy J; and Steven Tyler debuted a mustache.

But, let's face it, like all awards shows, this one boils down to the fashion. It's all anyone really talks about the next day, isn't it?

Who looked best? Who dressed worst? Whose baby bump made her red carpet debut?

Compare dresses, contrast tuxedos and wonder what the heck Paris Hilton was doing at the event now:

Ariana Grande at the Grammys
Ariana Grande is now a huge name in music. She strikes a pose here at the 2014 Grammys.

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The worst grammy night ever.. the show opened with devil girl "Bey" and her husband .. thumbs down


The best the grammy's is taylorbeautifull lo mas bello de la noche yo mejorlas personas de otras preferencias en compa.ia les aconsejo sean mas discretas y no scandlus isbad mi deseo es q sigas triunfando en tu carrera bella nina un abrazo y to much happines


wow, yeah I remember when real singers used to just sing. I am a music lover and they just don't have voices any more. few exceptions. I really like JZ and they are a superb couple, but wtf, poor dude just does not have a voice. cmon everyone, this is all a bunch of shite and all they are, are Hollywood mafia. bring back the talent.


she has sme dogs to raise.
....tom cruise & friends.


It's hard to sum up the type of freak show commonly called the Grammys. Any whisper of talent in music for 2013 is buried by special effects, shockingly loud bands and fake superlatives between competitors. Very little music was detected between rhythmic screaming and too much audience participation. Remember when people just stood and sang? We remember them because they had talent---not just the most decibels.

@ anne

LOVED what you wrote.

@ anne

anne. "Ditto"

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