Miley Cyrus and Kellan Lutz: Totally Hooking Up!

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In her new music video, Miley Cyrus touches herself and records a sexy video message for a mystery man.

But now Us Weekly claims to have uncovered the boy toy that has this singer all excited at the moment: Kellan Lutz!

Miley Cyrus, Crotch Thrust
Kellan Lutz in a Sweater

In the same issue that alleges Dean McDermott cheated on Tori Spelling with some 28-year old named Emily Goodhand, the magazine writes that Lutz reached out to Miley in early December and the two have been "hooking up" ever since.

Rumors of a potential romance between the artist and the Twilight Saga stud first cropped up last week after they were photographed walking off a private plane together.

Us Weekly, meanwhile, says Cyrus invited Lutz to join her on a trip from Miami to the Bahamas on December 17 and this jaunt is what led to the aforementioned runway picture.

Dean McDermott Cheating on Tori Spelling!

An insider describes Lutz as "nice eye candy" for Miley (and anyone with eyes, really) and adds: "They really enjoy each other’s company.”

Cyrus, of course, split with Liam Hemsworth in September and has been romantically linked since with Benji Madden and producer Mike Will Made It.

We cannot vouch for the veracity of this Lutz dalliance, but we can confirm that Cyrus will be performing in Times Square on New Year's Eve. That ought to be entertaining.


I doubt he's that stupid. I hope not. She's a piece of chit and I hope she o. d. s very soon.

@ Sharpie+

He isn't better than anyone , not even miley Cyrus and miley Cyrus isn't a piece of shit like you and how dear you make death threats against anyone. Are you that insecure and jealous that you're willing to wish death on someone else life.


Happy New Year Liam! May you find a nice lady who does not show her crotch to the world and rub her ass on married men.....

@ dee

He won't find anyone to be able to be with him for a long-term relationship since he is like Chris Brown and I'm happy that miley Cyrus didn't end up like rihanna . Considering Chris Brown is the reason why rihanna lands in the emergency room. Also I would rather miley Cyrus do all these things she is doing now rather be Liam hemsworth who gets violent when he loses his temper. Which Liam hemsworth admitted he have arrangement issues. With miley Cyrus ,I know she will grow out of these craziness because she doesn't hide who she is or pretending to be perfect and she never pretend to never make mistakes, she admitted to not be perfect. Liam on the other hand is also acting like he is perfect and haven't made any mistakes. Liam and his family always portraying to the world like they are the perfect family's which they aren't this perfect family's they wants us to believe about themselves. People's May not like miley Cyrus or her family's but least they're not going around putting on this pretend perfect family's unit like Liam and his family's and other's who lives in the spotlight. With miley Cyrus we see's all sides to her which is the good,bad and the ugly side to her and she isn't afraid to admit when she is in the wrong. With a lot of people who lives in the spotlight too , they hide who they are while preaching to other's about having class like selena Gomez who doesn't realize if she have any class at all she wouldn't be preaching to other's about having class.


so he is a true Pedophile?

@ Mister+Baja

Your mother.


The earrings bigger than her tits. And that view of her crotch is not sexy. If this chick is trying to look like a cheap whore, she's doing a great job. Even Charlie Sheen would pass on this one.

@ Repeter

You you guys are pathetic low-life losers who likes to insult a complete stranger. Are you guys are that jealous that you people's feels the needs to put down other's just because you don't approve of how they chooses to live their life's. You guys must be that insecure about yourself's that you guy's feels the needs to put miley Cyrus down.

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