Miley Cyrus "Adore You" Video Features Singer Writhing, Licking, Masturbating

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TMI, Miley Cyrus. T... M... I.

The official music video for "Adore You" leaked a day early last night, hitting the Internet and giving critics around the country another reason to scoff at the 21-year old's antics.

Because, this time, Cyrus is masturbating.

The footage is all a close-up of Miley's face and body as she writhes around with a video camera in her hand, taping her actions for a boyfriend she adores. The sentiment is sweet. The self-pleasuring is sure to create a new stir for the artist.


Of course, Cyrus has sort of been warning us about this for days.

She released a teaser that featured a nipple. She took a shower selfie. She's made it clear in numerous interviews that she has no regrets over her controversial 2013 - and she's clearly on her way to making more waves in 2014.

What do you think of the Adore You video?


I think Miley is just being Miley and that she should keep doing what she loves! What do I think about the video? I think it really nasty!! But I know for a fact that the Miley that I grew to love is in there and is just expressing herself in a different way than others. Did anyone think that maybe Disney made her act like a goodie goodie and maybe this is who she really is? Let Miley Cyrus be Miley Cyrus


As a jewel of gold in a swine's snout, so is a fair woman which is without discretion. Proverbs 11;22


What will Justin Bieber in drag do next, retire?


I totally think Miley has every right to express herself. She should be completely free to do as she wishes, and she is. But why does getting herself off have to be one of the ways she does that? I don't understand. Push the limits! Go ahead! But... Try for something classy, because Miley the way you interact with people in public, you seem like quite the classy girl. Use that in your videos!

@ Anon

She could do a video and not be trashy. She chooses to put herself out there like that. She is going to draw the wrong men too. She is just to nasty anymore.


You people are prudes. She's an artist and she's pushing the limits. Good for her. I say keep pushing Miley and we'll keep talking which is just what you want. That's why your on top. Go girl.


Liam could sh!t his white shorts at the playboy house, while being caught eating a boogie, and he still would not be near as embarrassed as he was dating Miley Cyrus.


She will never be a porn star or in playboy cause she looks like a boy. Her songs and videos are not that great. So really Miley you should stick with acting. And I just have to say this is the worst song and video you have ever made.


I don't understand... where's the masturbating in this...? Like the comment before she barely slipped her hand under her underwear. It didn't go all the way in like what the hell America. I could say many things to defend her but I don't see a point in trying to change the minds of a bunch of ignorant fools.

@ Alyssa

Oh girl.... are u serious? That girl is stupid. She not sex she silly


Nothing in this vid to justify all the fear and loathing - it's just mildly erotic. Nikki Minaj and those kinds of artists are WAY raunchier... but judgmental bullies and religious freaks prefer to pick on the weak and vulnerable.

@ Tony C

We expected it for Nicky. No idea miley was raised in a barn with man child strippers? I guess you think religion is all about class. Miley don't have either, so I guess you're right.

@ Lynn

Not really sure what you are saying, apart from the bit about Miley having no class. Well, you know - she's a pop star barely out of her teens. Maybe you are being a bit precious.


jesus, when you gonna start acting like a lady you Ho. you are quite the ugly thing you know. no nice man will ever want a piece of white trash like you. ugly bitch.

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