Lamar Odom: THG Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4!

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We're closing in on the top of our Celebrity of the Year Countdown.

With Kate Upton getting the list started at #10, Walter White then checked in at #9 and was followed by Jennifer Lawrence at #8. At #7? That sex maniac himself, Christian Grey, with Twerking at #6 and a controversial Justin Bieber at #5.

Now, THG is excited to present Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4... LAMAR ODOM!

Lamar Odom in Camouflage

One year ago, Odom was a productive member of the Los Angeles Clippers and the loving husband of Khloe Kardashian.

Now, he's an unemployed former reality star going through a very public divorce.

What happened to the man affectionately known as Lam Lam by his loyal wife and dedicated E! viewers? Nothing that can be explicitly explained.

But the drastic fall from grace started this summer, as rumors surfaced that Odom was both cheating on Kardashian and also taking drugs. Like, serious drugs. Like crack cocaine, for instance.

For someone whose named popped up so often in celebrity gossip circles over the final half of 2013, Odom himself was actually very quiet and very rarely seen.

We were mostly treated to sources speculating on his whereabouts and on whether or not Khloe would file for divorce. But then Lamar was arrested for drunk driving on August 30.

He pleaded no contest to the charge in December and agreed to three moths of alcohol abuse treatment.

It actually looked like there was a chance for Lamar and Khloe to reconcile, until Odom got drunk and recorded a video of himself rapping and admitting to many acts of infidelity. You really need to watch this thing:

It marked the final straw for Khloe, who served her husband with divorce papers a couple weeks ago and who now hopes to move on with her life.

Where will Odom be one year from now? Playing in the NBA? Clean and sober? For the sake of the star himself and his three children, let's all hope so.


Phil Jackson said it all


You are 100percent right. Khloe better be careful with Matt kemp. He has got a very strong willed mother. The real mrs kardashan case is around the corner. Time will tell,


I find it so sad that really no one knows the impact of what actually happened behind closed doors to Lamar's and Khloe's personal life. Khloe is the one who exploited the drama. In my opinion, it takes two for a marriage to work even though it was a faked marriage contract ok. I do not believe that the marriage was no where close of being a true marriage. It was a marriage contract for the reality show,and when khloe did not get her way on everything she wanted being instructed by mama dearest kris jenner (her 10%),that is when khloe and mommager kris jenner put Lamar on BLAST. It had to take Khloe two years to blast Lamar on his personal issues if he really was on hard drugs ok. I must say even till this day,after khloe has filed the paper work she still sends out hidden message to Lamar. Why? God knows the truths behind this sick wicked evil web and god has prevail by breaking those shackles from Lamar's ankles. Khloe, now has moved on and has gotten herself another ball player ok (if the story is true this family lives in a non real reality world faked reality). Lamar, made a choice which that is to allow his legal team, to handle everything pertaining to issues of their divorce. Lamar, wants no contact with Khloe but she is still determined to send messages to him. Khloe, is no angel the angel that is being presented of her. Khloe had her side kicks for a long time the marriage was fake,and a tight prenup on both parties was established. Lamar, is still being ridicule of his action of infedility but did Lamar really cheat. Khloe cheated as well, the marriage was never a PARADISE,and Khloe has been displaying Fraud all along. Khloe had the nerve to judge Kris Humphries, on national tv now who is looking mighty stupid. America is not stupid, I pray that everyone wake up and understand. The reality show was Fake has always been and so was the marriage, but feelings got in the way. Khloe, sure was Mad but was she really or was mommager Kris Jenner the main woman whose feelings were Crushed. Now khloe and kris jenner, want to exploit lamar in the next season of their reality show how does that look. Look at this picture it is not about Lamar being a cheater it is all about Lamar just kept it real, and never not one time retaliated against khloe or kris j. I pray that Lamar keeps his distance from these unhanding wicked,evil,cursed Jezebels. God is in charge and soon everything will be revealed to the World how ruthless this family has become from the beginning of their reality show. It was never a Real True Reality it has been all fake and all LIES. In the meantime, Khloe and Kris j, still is trying to make Lamar out to be this cruel man that he isn't. Yes, Lamar, did a video if a man is provoked enough and the damage has already been done,Lamar became tired so he acted. It is what it is a video, people does videos all the time. Lamar, has stayed MUM for so long until Khloe made it known she had moved on. The truth and only the truth can set a person Free. To all the men in the world, what do think of the 10 million life policy on Lamar, seems mighty strange doesn't it.hmmm Why would Khloe be entitled to a life policy of 10 million? Now remember Khloe, is the one who has filed the divorce. Right,Lamar is Loved by many mother's in the world, I pray for him because he is no villain he has a Humble soul. Now not judging khloe, has moved on to yet another Ball player has she not or is all fake like everything else just for to create a script for their reality show or to have a Spin-off "Khloe in distress after Failed Marriage to Lamar". Khloe needs to let it go. Khloe, will get her demands but deep in her heart will regret everything she took Lamar through, god knows everything. Now it is time for everything to rest for the both of them to move on and LIVE and be Free. It is what it is.Remember it is only an opinion,sometime the best thing to do is pray for those who doesn't know there way. No, I do have to much time on my hands. Please stop the ridicule against this young man, we all fall short but god allows us to get back up and do right. Prayers!

@ curious

Curious, you act like you know these people personally! Ann Marie is correct! No one forced this man to drive intoxicated or put drugs in his body. No one is saying he's not a good person. Good people get addicted to drugs all the time. But, an addict always blames other people instead of taking responsibility. Khloe didn't not spill all that was going on in the show. She could have though. As much as people beat these people up and don't know them I honestly would get fed up and start to defend myself in the public also. Quit judging and making assumptions when you don't know the truth.

@ Xan

It just goes to amaze me who is to say, that I do not know them personally. ok or I might just have those connections of what goes on in the House,(personally I could be a loving family member just tired of watching all the fake dramas of the whole family ok), one will never know right. It is only an opinion (Freedom of Speech). I am not one to express hatred towards anyone that I do not know,and even if I did know I am not one for expressing so much hatred.ok it is what it is. Next year will be the year khloes divorce issues will be aired all out for yet another whole year till 2015 for ratings for the show to stay revelent ok. Stay tune.All I ask think out of the box, then come to your own conclusions. Everything is so Overrated,and Fake nothing was never real the show is totally scripted big time ok. It is what it is has been always ok. God bless you,and have a Blessed and Happy New Year!

@ curious

You are an idiot she put him behind the wheel also when he got the DUI she put the pipe in his mouth when he was smoking crack to!!!!!!

@ Ann Marie

Shame on you, Ann Marie (god bless you as well). Sweetheart, please calm down, it is all so overrated OK.LOL Ann Marie, everything is not real ok it is so overrated the show is scripted big time. ok Khloe, of course not (if any of the stories are true on Lamar's crack addiction do the research ok). . God knows everything ok,let it be just an opinion, it is what it is. Lamar, signed a serious Contract, instructed to not expose the TRUTHS of the Real Reality of this fake family or else he would get sued big time. Also, know that when contracts are signed serious clauses that he had no choice but to follow. It is what it is, one thing for sure when any human being is pushed to a certain limit he/she will act out it is called being "HUMAN". We all fall short sometime in our lives but, God gives us strength to get it back together. I never read that Lamar, was ever on Crack ok, and speaking on his DUI, it happens everyday. khloe had her DUI as well. Oh well, did you know that sweetheart, it was all in the media. Khloe is not this perfect angel she is pretraying to be,and Give it time everything will be exposed for what it is on Khloe and her whole family who calls themselves CURSED.ok Many Hidden Secrets that the world has yet to know about everything. God will expose All in time, I personally, will continue to keep the kardashians family in my prayers. Remember it is only an opinion, the Truths will fall in place very soon. It is what it is an opinion. God Bless, and have wonderful Happy New Year!

@ Ann Marie

@Anne Marie - yeah, by the sound of things (talking about 'curious' here!) - she knows how it all went down lol!! High time she had a name change - don't you think?
Once a dumb-ass crack-head - ALWAYS will be - it is what is.
Happy New Year to one & all.

@ L15a

L15a, God bless you as well, using profanity expresses ones soul, for your FYI. I lived with a husband who had a serious crack addition. ok my life, along with my unborn child was threaten. I speak through life experiences not someone who comments just to comment ok. One must understand anyone can come express their opinion. Also, know that crack addition is no joke unless you have ever experienced it,lived it, survived it, always be careful to not judge a person. It is only an opinion. Think out the Box, then come up with your own conclusion. It is not always about HATE it is all about being REAL in a Real REALITY nothing Fake ok. GOD BLESS!Freedom of Speech and many Prayers!:) Much L.O.V.E. as well.


I've got the power by Snap..................

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