Kourtney Kardashian EXPLODES at Paparazzi: Shut the Eff Up!

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Kourtney Kardashian made like her soon-to-be brother-in-law this week.

No, she didn't label Kim Kardashian the hottest woman on the planet or rant about racism and corporations and wear a mask on stage while doing so.

But the reality star did likely make Kanye West proud by exploding at paparazzi members who were blocking the sidewalk while she cradled young daughter Penelope in her arms.

It's pretty hard to blame her, isn't it?

Watch now as Kourtney tries to make her way through the crowd and ends up cursing off one moron who continues to follow her, trying to act all sensitive to the situation:


PUBLICITY STUNT Failed again. A big stupid Publicity Stunt without the armour trucks kanye purchased and no Security at all around the little babies so revelent it was all staged the kardashians planned this little trip to the store and knew what would happen. Sad that poor little Penelope was used as a prompt for this video. Watching this video completely states that the Kimye kardashians has a hidden agenda to get rid of the paps for good fight for a new law against paps more cash flow in their pockets. Why would kim and kourtney jeopardize the safety of Penelope and nwtthp who was not in the stroller,but had the black auntie/nanny in tow to be a witness in an up coming lawsuit against all paps in LA. It was so revelent and so stupid to risk the babies protection already knowing there would be paps everywhere snapping pics of kim and nwtthp who was not around. kanye west has already stated that he does not approve ok. The questions why did kim did not have her security team of police officers with her and nwtthp ok.hmm very suspious. Nothing but yet another hidden agenda to gain money, and yes another PUBLICITY STUNT for the media to capture the attention of paps taking pics and getting close to kourtney. It is nothing but yet another agenda of Kanye,Kim,Kris Jenner to strike back to the paps. I do wish the paps would stop flashing and make kim,kanye and the rest of the kard.jenner clan become non existent. I guess then they will pay billions for pics to be taken of them on a regular day. Watch for the next lawsuit sent to the courts on the paps. Kim,kourtney was so stupid to put their babies in harms way. I am beginning to think that this wick evil cursed family wants something seriously to happen to them to gain more favoritism for their reality show. Next the headlines will read "Kardashians VS PAPS sends a letter to the Whitehouse. The kardashians, knew having kanye west in this video would go viral in seconds so where was kanye west? hmm somewhere close I am quite sure waiting around the block waiting in tow in his yellow armour truck laughing. Saying to himself I got them paps now I am going to win this fight for sure I now have the evidence to prove my case. Well job done kim,kourtney. Nothing but another publicity stunt and an agenda by the kardashians they stated WAR against the PAPS and all who gets in their way. The beginning of new trend and attacks of LIES,Witchery tactics to gain for ratings the kards must realize they play with FIRE they will get BURN. Next time stepping out into the media do the babies a favor take your security for their safety. How stupid was this video nothing but another set up and the caption was misleading it was all nothing but publicity stunt stage up by the kanye,kim,jenner girls, and total kardashian clan. Think out of the box. No Mothers would risk the lives of their babies like this why does it seem like that kardashians always have the paps everywhere they be attending. I wonder who called the paps this time to their destinations? hmm A Kanye,Kim compiracy stay tune sounds mighty fishy.

@ curious

Wow - you sound like a paranoid lunatic!




Here's a thought? Next time don't call or alert the media? Problem solved!

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