Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Prenup to Ban Plastic Surgery, Kris Jenner?

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While rumors continue to circulate that the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding will be filmed for television, we now have an update on an alleged prenuptial agreement that has been reached between both halves of the famous couple.

And it includes some unusual clauses.

To wit, sources claim there's a "cheating clause" and a "drug clause" in the document, along with a clause that states Kris Jenner cannot have any input in Kim's career.

Moreover, there's reportedly a plastic surgery clause as well, one that actually prohibits Kim from going under the knife.

Learn more about the prenuptial agreement and what it might mean for Kimye now:


Kinda late for some of that. And sounds to me more like Kim is trading a controlling Mom for an equally controlling boyfriend/husband/whatever. Watch for a divorce in her future.


It sounds like a good arrangement and I'm sure they think you are strange. Seeing as how while you are merely posting about their lives they are living them I think that most definitively one party is the bigger nutjob.


It's their life. Whatever. Kris Jenner is pretty damn low class and plastic. No plastic surgery? Good part of the agreement. No cheating? Good part of the agreement. Tricky part there is getting caught. No drugs? Good. Kim is beautiful in a superficial way. I never understood the appeal of Kanye's music.

@ TheTruth

Remember that Kanye's mom died during plastic surgery. It really means something to him to not make that risk just to try and look a bit younger.


To wit, this is such total nonsense...this is more contract than marriage agreement. I guess it will be a toss up who has more control over the other. BS is BS no matter how much money is involved. Good luck to these strange people.


kim: Don't Lie To Your Age!!


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