Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Film Wedding, Sell to Highest Bidder?

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Kim Kardashian may once again give the world a videotaped view of herself and her lover in an intimate setting.

No, don't start saving your money for a second Kim Kardashian sex tape. But do start to prepare yourself for a second televised wedding featuring this reality star and her latest husband.

Sources tell Us Weekly that Kim and Kanye West are discussing the possibility of filming their upcoming nuptials.

But there's a twist.

"If they choose to film the wedding, it will be filmed by them, not a TV crew," an insider tells the tabloid. "And they'd sell it to a network."

In August 2011, of course, Kim married Kris Humphries in a ceremony that aired as a two-part special on E!. The couple reportedly banked $17 million for the publicized vow exchanging.

Kardashian then asked for a divorce 72 days later.

In this case, the goal is to somehow have a "magnificent" wedding," the same source tells Us Weekly, but to keep it on the "small side."

But at least Kanye is up front about why he and his betrothed would videotape themselves getting married. Because the public deserves to see it? Because it's a memory they want preserved forever? Please.

Because the couple is in the exploitation business.


Kim is the most beautiful lady in the world ateast for now


They will do anything for attention. What a laugh if No One wanted their narcistic wedding video. Is the public really that dumb?


Who cares no one give a shit about what they are up to!


Visionary. Kanye is a Borderline Personality Disordered Narcissist. Kim is his latest trophy woman. She is also Hollywood trash. Narcissists into excellence use people -- their status is useful -- a utility - but only for now. The Kardashians are closer to the end of their fame run than the beginning. Kim was born to be short and fat. Her pretty face is only that -- she has no other body parts that will look “hot” in ten years. The video -- that’s not Kim’s body resting on the bike -- by at least 3 dress
sizes it’s smaller than her. She is aging fast. Kanye is not. And he’s being educated in Europe. Kim is not the European ideal -- tall, delicate, slender, fine boned. She is also not educated. His mother was an educated woman. He admires men and women with intellect. Again, Kim does’t make the cut and in fact cannot if she tried.
This one is going to go down hard. Kanye will be the one to toss out the K’s, try to get custody of the child in court ‘cause the K's are tawdry and low life and he is Kanye, cultured, international, a God in some circles. He didn’t put out a sex tape or stage a disingenuous wedding. The judge will look at both of these differences in perceived “competence to raise a child”. Compare their millions -- he has the biggest bankroll. Another court order in his favor. He will move on to a landed European moneyed somebody -- he’ll need a new trophy for his partner collection. He’s a user. The K’s are users. Kanye trumps Kim easily. This is one ugly partnership and although I am not a fan of either, if I were Kim’s friend or family I would tell her to get out and now while she can if it isn’t too late. Narcissm comes with being a control freak.


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prostitutes too, are selling their time.


Humphries is the luckiest man alive / no one will bid on this / their stores are closing because no one is buying into their lies anymore.

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