Gabe Day, Daniel Day-Lewis' Son, Raps About Drugs, Dad, Being Bipolar

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Gabe Day is a "bipolar stoop kid taking care of biz." Or so the 18-year-old son of Daniel Day-Lewis claims in his new music video for "Green Auras."

Gabe attends Sarah Lawrence College near New York City and is a rapper, produced by artist J. Cole, who just released the music video for the track.

He covers a host of topics, including his feelings about his father.

"Call me Gabe Day and not Gabe Day-Lewis," he raps.

"Cause if you're trying to call me out, I'm going to Gabe Day-Lose It! I know what my name is and I know what fame is. Judging someone for their dad is just as bad as being racist."

Alright then.

Throughout the video, Day appears to be smoking weed, and even explains at one point with the lyrics, "self-medicated cause my heart and my throat hurt."

Day is the son of French actress Isabelle Adjani, with whom Daniel was in a relationship for six years, but whom he left in 1995 before their son was born.

He then moved on to Deya Pichardo, and when Adjani heard that he had married, she called Pichardo to congratulate her ... only she was not the wife.

Unbeknownst to Pichardo or Adjani, the British actor had wed Arthur Miller's daughter, director Rebecca Miller, while filming Miller's The Crucible.

The couple is still married and has two younger sons.

Gabe addressed his mother's loss in the rap, spouting, "I feel the most grief for my mother who has no one left in her life but me and my older brother."

He also discussed his personal struggles, at length.

"I find out that I'm bipolar, now I wear it like a badge. I was on a bad path. I did too many drugs. Felt like coping on my own when all I needed was a hug.

"I had a bad trip, reevaluated my life," he continues.

"Thank god I survived, 'cause it's easier to smile."

Amen, Gabe Day (not Gabe Day-Lewis).

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