Jenelle Evans Mocks Farrah Abraham Lip Injections: LMFAO!

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Jenelle Evans is at it again, and by "it," we don't mean getting arrested, married, hospitalized or naked. Just dissing Farrah Abraham, her other favorite pastime.

Evans, who recently re-tweeted a fan's comment that at least she didn't have to "take it in the butt" to stay famous, is not a fan of her Teen Mom counterpart.

It's unclear why, but Farrah's body enhancements - specifically her HOT new lip injections - are the latest target of Jenelle's random Twitter shade-throwing.

Farrah Abraham Lip Injections
Jenelle Evans' Face

"I'm sorry but I can't see Farrah's teeth anymore when she talks, can u?" Jenelle Evans wrote of Farrah Abraham. "Lmfao and she just got her teeth done!"

This being Jenelle Evans, she didn't stop there. Not even close.

"I rather be all natural than completely fake," she continued.

"I mean it's almost every part of her body!"

For those keeping score, Farrah has had ...

  • Two sets of breast implants (one removed)
  • One chin implant (now removed)
  • Lip injections
  • A nose job
  • A brain transplant

Just kidding about that last one, though she might consider it, given some of the thoughts that escape her lips on occasion. The rest? All true!

Farrah looks like a completely different person, for sure, not that Jenelle and her fake boobs are ones to talk - a point that she actually addressed.

"That's the ONLY thing fake on me," she said in response.

"Not my chin, cheeks, lips, teeth, hair, and boobs."

Thanks for clearing that up. Now please do as Jenelle Evans wishes and stare at her boobs, which she angles a certain way in every single Instagram photo.

Or her mug shots. Another EXPANSIVE gallery for you.

Choose your side in this one-sided Teen Mom beef ...


"Team Farrah" or "Team Jenelle???" Are you KIDDING ME?? That's like "Cancer" or "Cancer?" Hmmmmmm, SUCH CHOICES!!! I'll assume you were being facetious with the "specifically her HOT new lip injections"???? Those are THE WORST altered 'lips' that I've ever, EVER, ~E~V~E~R~ SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!! They're absolutely HORRID!!!! The shame of it is that she WAS so pretty before all this nonsense!!


good lord farrah is so ugly! fugly! please.stop posting pics long enough for me to keep a meal from coming back up.


OH MY GOD. WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL THIS CHARACTER TO STOP STOP. Farrah looks like a Scary Plastic Doll. All of the things she has done is making her look Worse and a Worse


Farrah will do anything and everything for money and to make herself famous. As for Janelle, this girl needs to get off the drugs and stay away from boys... And worry about her son! Neither are good role models for their children.


don't mock,,,,,,,,,,,,,SHE IS JUST IN THE NEED FOR INNER TUBES!!


That little Belezabub boiech has am ugly face and needs some work done . Janelle looks like she has a missing chomozone in her family from inbreeding . Nasty little troll


they have no respect for their children, they are going to hate them when they grow up..poor kids. And as for janelle stop worrying about Farrah's plastic surgery and go take care of your son you lazy selfish bitch.


Why do we know these Rachet ass people? Can someone explain that to me?

@ Vince

Because they couldn't keep their damn legs closed or they were retarded enough NOT to use protection and MTV decided it would be a swell idea to give these morons a TV show. They all need to go away. They are not celebrities. They are dumbass whores.

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