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Paul Walker has died. The actor best known for The Fast and the Furious franchise perished this afternoon in a single-car crash and explosion in California.

The accident happened in Santa Clarita, north of L.A. He was 40.

Paul Walker Photo

According to TMZ sources, Walker was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and hit a post or tree, causing the car to burst into flames.

Paul and the other person in the car were killed in the blaze.

The star was at a car show to raise money for the Philippines typhoon relief effort, and sources say he was taking a ride in a two-seater Porsche GT.

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His Airness will soon welcome his heirness. Michael Jordan and wife Yvette Preito are expecting their first child together, the NBA legend's rep has confirmed.

They've been keeping this on the D.L., but a photo first appearing on Terez Owens shows that she is very pregnant, so the child should be here soon.

The baby will be the first for Yvette, while Jordan, now the Charlotte Bobcats owner, has three children from his previous marriage to Juanita Venoy.

The duo were married 17 years before splitting in 2006. They have sons Jeffrey Michael, 24, and Marcus James, 22, and daughter Jasmine, 19, together.

Jordan, 50, and Yvette Prieto, 34, tied the knot seven months ago in a lavish wedding held in Palm Beach, Fla. They've been together more than five years.

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Elan Gale, a TV producer whose credits include The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, got into an epic beef with a passenger on his flight on Thanksgiving.

He live-Tweeted the whole thing, from before takeoff until after landing, and every passive-aggressive (or actually aggressive) barb is documented.

The airline feud for the ages played out in real time at Gale's @theyearofelan Twitter handle, and we've posted it in full below for your enjoyment.

The saga began as the pair's US Airways flight to Phoenix was delayed at takeoff, and Elan started sharing his co-passenger's idiotic reactions.

Soon, he decided to engage her, and while he was certainly antagonistic, it's hard to feel a lot of sympathy for "Diane" after you see her responses.

Every line below is a Tweet from Elan. You gotta read this, it's worth it ...

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Suge Knight had another encounter with the police Friday afternoon, which is only slightly less surprising celebrity news than DMX getting arrested.

Only Suge was innocent somehow! Like completely!

The former hip hop mogul was mistakenly pulled over by Los Angeles cops, who even pulled their guns on him, thinking he was an assault suspect.

Suge Photo

Police had received report of an assault that took place Friday afternoon, then shortly thereafter, stopped Knight while he was driving in his vehicle.

The description of the assault suspect allegedly matched the music producer's appearance, but they soon realized it was a case of mistaken identity.

Not before weapons were drawn and Marion "Suge" (for Sugar Bear) Knight agreed to go to the police station to explain his innocence, however.

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Kim Kardashian has many reasons to be thankful.

And she's listed them all in a new blog post.

Kim Kardashian Pushes Daughter

"Thanksgiving was the holiday that I always spent with my dad skiing every year in Vail, Colorado since I was 2 years old to 22," Kardashian wrote online yesterday, including a photo of her dad, who passed away in 2003 and adding:

"This time of year always brings back such amazing memories. I am thankful I had them. I am so thankful for my family being close and always so supportive."

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Bruno Mars is set to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLVIII.

But Selena Gomez took to the stage midway through the Dallas Cowboys-Oakland Raiders matchup yesterday and made her pitch for this special spot in the 2015 version of The Big Game.

Watch now as Gomez belts out a medley of hits - including “Champion,” “Slow Down” and “Come and Get It" - in front of a huge audience.

How did she do? Should Justin Bieber lament the couple's breakup? Watch and react now:

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Justin Bieber may be hot and steamy in his new music video tease for "All That Matters."

But in the following video, Justin Bieber's bodyguard is simply hot.

While traveling in a car with the singer on tour Down Under, one of Bieber's entourage members pulls over, gets out and approaches an Australian member of the paparazzi.

The intense exchange is captured on camera, as the reporter proudly stands his ground and Bieber's bodyguard pretty clearly kicks his car.

No charges have been filed yet, but watch the crazy confrontation now:

Just last week, another one of Bieber's bodyguards was arrested for assaulting a paparazzo in Hawaii.

Justin may be wise to tighten the reigns on these employees. The star is rather famous. Cameramen are gonna follw him around. It's not a terrible trade off for fame and fortune, is it?

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Evelyn Lozada has exciting news to share: she's pregnant!

And in even more exciting news, for the impending baby at least, Chad Johnson is NOT the father!

Evelyn Lozada Close Up

Insiders close to the former Basketball Wives is six months along and that the fetus belong to an unnamed man she's been seeing for about a year now.

Moreover, the pregnancy was planned and only a small number of relatives have been aware of it.

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Forget Black Friday.

For two X Factor finalists, last night became Black Thursday after they were given the boot from Season 3 of this Fox competition.

Goodbye, Lillie McCloud

The hour kicked off with Mario Lopez announcing Lillie McCloud had received the least number of overall votes and - poof! - she was simply gone from the show.

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A 10-year old Amish girl named Sarah Hershberger has fled her home, along with her parents, in order to avoid chemotherapy, the family's attorney confirmed to The Associated Press yesterday.

The trio has been engaged in a court battle with a local hospital in Northern Ohio for months after the parents chose to halt medical treatment because they believed it was making their daughter ill.

Amish folks

A state appeals court appointed a guardian to take over medical decisions for Sarah last month, but Maurice Thompson says his clients have left their home because they "don't want Sarah to be taken away."

Physicians at Akron Children's Hospital say Sarah's leukemia is treatable, but that she will pass away if unless she receives professional attention.

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