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Brooke Mueller has declared war on Denise Richards.

With the former’s children under the guardianship of her brother, Mueller took the seemingly random and extreme step this week of calling the authorities on Richards and alleging that Charlie Sheen’s first ex-wife has been abusing both Brooke’s twins AND the daughters Denise shares with the actor.

According to TMZ insiders, police officers arrived at Richards’ home Tuesday night and questioned her about the allegations.

Brooke Mueller on a Red Carpet
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Richards said the claims were “ridiculous” and “vindictive” and that she hasn’t even seen little Bob or Max in weeks.


She added that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services was already involved in a dispute between Richards and Mueller, one that began because Mueller had lost custody of her kids due to an ongoing drug issue.

In mid-November, this organization met with Mueller and forced her to agree to have her sons tested for fetal alcohol/drug syndrome because Brooke went to rehab twice while pregnant.

Richards is especially steamed over this latest accusation because authorities will need to speak with the four-year old twins and with Denise’s daughters in order to verify or debunk Mueller’s claims.

That’s a pretty big ordeal to put toddlers through.

Mueller hasn’t been in contact with Richards’ kids in awhile, causing one to wonder how she could think they’ve been abused, while Richards had a logical question for the cops at her doorstep:

If Mueller was so concerned about her own sons’ safety, and if Richards hasn’t seen them in weeks, why did she wait so long to file a report?