Taylor Swift Implies Justin Bieber Cheated on Selena Gomez

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It was merely a passing comment, and many attributed it to a take on her own love life, but does Taylor Swift hint that Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez in a new interview with Glamour UK?

Speaking to the publication, Swift says:

"I've seen my friends take someone back after they've cheated because they fit perfectly."

Swift does not name names, but she's also never hidden her disdain for Selena's relationship with Justin.

Remember when Taylor reacted to Gomez and Bieber kissing backstage at the Billboard Music Awards by sticking her tongue out in disgust? Perhaps we now know why.

Earlier that same evening, Bieber got booed when accepting the Milestone Award, an incident that took place with Selena and Taylor sitting in the front row. What were they saying to each other at the time?

"You do not want to open that can of worms," Taylor reportedly said when asked.

Taylor Swift: Grossed Out By Jelena Kiss

Rumors of Bieber stepping out on Selena date back to the end of last year.

A few weeks prior to this beloved couple splitting in December, Bieber was spotted backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, allegedly getting VERY cozy with model Barbara Palvin.

Still, he and Selena have posed together in multiple Instagram shots since then and Selena has refrained from saying anything negative about her ex in public. So either she's handing his infidelity like a champ or it never happened in the first place.

You decide, Beliebers.


you are defending people who dont know you even,they are making money when you people are arguing now


Ok...now I've had enough. Looking through all these comments I've seen maybe two reasonable people. Quit with the fandoms and listen for a moment. Y'all don't know these people. You may hear their stories, u may meet them, but y'all will never KNOW them. We don't know who Taylor was talking about, so quit with her being jealous. We don't know if he cheated or not, or if she did. Even if one did, we don't know how they feel. They may be stars but they are still human. They have opinions, feelings, and they have rights to them. I'm not a belieber, a swiftie, or any other kind of fan. But I don't hate them either. Stop looking at them like an object! Quit worshipping them! At one point they were just like you. They may have talent, but they aren't above or below anyone else. You have no real right to hate one or another of these stars. You hear STORIES! Everyday people complain about gossip that isn't real. Well most of this is the exact same! Another thing. Taylor has dated people, yes. But it doesn't mean she has no idea what she's doing. Ever think it may have been them sometimes? Yes, the songs get annoying after a while. But she's only in her 20s! Believe it or not, she is still learning too. She has a right to say what she thinks. Also, if she wanted to insult Justin, she would've said it outright. In case you haven't noticed, she isn't afraid to broadcast her feelings. It may have been a broad statement, maybe someone not famous. It is possible. We don't know the whole story, so quit judging everyone. Every fan girl(or guy, idk) just take a day. Just one, and think honestly, what do you know about them? You know their birthday, fav color, but what's their biggest secret? Just one day, take a step back, and look at this unbiased. It's just pathetic when you start "hating" people for no real reason.

@ Kay

Love this! ❤




Okay people i am a belieber and i do not like it when comes to my bieber boy.if you think you hate him keep it to your self we dont care cause i do believe that it is selena who dont deserve justin cause he nice and cute he deserves someone better


Personally, I haven't even found anyone who is a "Belieber" anymore. Justin Bieber bores me, and all his "romance drama" is just played up by the press so that he'll get attention. NO ONE CARES!!!!!!! By the ways, are any of you guys following what's happening in Syria?


It looks like that henna tattoo might be permanent. She has 3 tats and Justin has 13 tats.
• The point is the girls were laughing at the report.
• No fault of Taylor for speaking of what she’s been told by Selena on Justin cheating on her.
• There is no proof that Justin or Selena cheated on each other while they were dating. The closest thing to the cheating rumors are the confessions made by Milyn Jensen, and that confession was not credible, because she had come out with two different versions of her time with Justin, and that was debunked by Gossip Cop.
• The statement by Taylor “I’ve seen my friends take someone back after they’ve cheated because they fit perfectly.” Is she insinuating that Justin and Selena are couple, and they are keeping their relationship low profile?
• With all the guys coming out of the wood works that want to date Selena, she has not taken any offers, also Justin good behavior lately suggest that something is going on between the two.

@ rb



It's very sad to see that you all think Justin dumped selena, and that he used her for fame, it's sad that you guys don't understand that Justin and taylor were best friends, well because of someone they broke their friendship and secondly not going to be rude, but Taylor has to stop being immature like giving clues to figure out someones name who cheated on her friend, it's childish, i don't know but Justin and selena can have some misunderstanding but they still are maintaining a friendship you see. and thirdly we should stop interfering in Justin's life. if you really are interested in who did the cheating and why? go and search for it, people don't get low, it's getting creepy.
a belieber<3 :)




This really shows that how much Taylor cares for Selena :) They're real BFFs.Haters gonna hate her or Selena but I LOVE BOTH OF THEM :) JB : Selena really doesn't deserves you.And you'll never get a girl like her again.
-A Selenator Forever & A Swiftie :)


I hate yoo

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