Barbara Palvin: Dating Justin Bieber?!?

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We hope you're sitting down, Jelena fans. This is a potential bombshell.

According to shady reports, Justin Bieber is getting very cozy with a 19-year old Hungarian model named Barbara Palvin.

The pair allegedly flirted big time at Wednesday's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and posted together for the following photo, which Palvin posted on Twitter:

Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin

Last night, meanwhile, Palvin was seen walking into a Broadway performance of The Lion King not long after Bieber and his entourage also entered.

She later Tweeted: Lion king ! ❤

Okay, we admit the "evidence" here is a bit flimsy.

HOWEVER, Palvin actually said in a UStream video last year that she doesn't "like Selena Gomez." So there's that.

An insider source close to the model tells Hollywood Life: “If in fact there is any truth [to them dating], Bieber has good taste! Barbara is an exceptional beauty.”

That's not exactly a corroboration, is it?

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id think it shud b this hungarian girl wiv JB i think ''jelene'' is gud but ''jariana'' wud b much much MUCH better..............................sorry big fangirl


Who The Hell Really Cars Who Justin Is With. You Can't Tell Him Who He Can And Can't Be With. Selena Dates The Most Popular Guy At The Time So She Can Get More People To Listen To Her. The Model I Don't Know Anything Of Her And I Don't Care.


Hell to the fucking no. I never want to see "Jarbara" (gayiest ship name ever) together. Justin is so much better with Selena, rather than some model Justin only knew for a few days. God, this website is saying shit that isn't even true. -_-


You're such a HOE ; ) you fucking look like a skank bitch don't nobody want you for your information Selena Gomez is way prettier than you, you can fucking talk all this shit behind her back but You're Just Another HATER ; ) how you like that????with your ugly self hating ass bitch get a life!!!!!

@ Gabby Galicia

GOSH they were just hanging out 2. she is very pretty
3. You chill down. It's not like you could be a VS model with your ugly self.4.GET A LIFE, your just another 1 of her haters GIRL SWERVE.


nooo justin ... not her ,, JELENA 4 ever :(


She is way to hot for him


Wow! Justin should choose this Hungarian barbie over Selena! They would a way better couple!! And Barbara is a lot more beautiful than Selena! No offense, Selena is pretty but Barbara is beautiful!

@ Tirza

Both women are too much women for him... He is 1/2 man... The Hungarian is a jealous bitch that only wants fame and put Selena down... She is not interested on a stupid young kid.


he looks better with her than gomez

@ patricia



this barbra girl needs to die JELENA 4EVER


Barbi and JB are not a couple.