Selena Gomez Tears Up Over Justin Bieber, Slams Ex for Lack of "Class"

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Selena Gomez is back on her feet... but the singer needs to dry her eyes.

A couple days after taking a tumble during a show in Virginia, Gomez took her "Stars Dance" tour to Brooklyn, where contrasting emotions appeared to get the best of her.

During a rendition of "Love Will Remember," the young artist teared up, struggling to finish a track that many believe was written with Justin Bieber in mind. Watch sadness overwhelm Selena in the following video:

But Gomez didn't remain downtrodden for long.

The above footage also depicts her thanking the crowd for coming, telling attendees that they're beautiful and admitting that she has often faced questions over whether or not she's sexy.

But you know what is sexy, Selena asks her fans? CLASS, that's what.

Was this a shot at Bieber? There has been little back and forth between the two in recent weeks, so it's unclear why Selena would consider her ex to be unclassy these days.

But Taylor Swift did recently hint that Bieber cheated on Gomez, which is the sort of painful action that lingers. If true, we can't really blame Selena for still being pissed.

Keep your chin up, girl. And watch out for the edge of the stage. It can sneak up on you.


Yes, Hollywood Gossip. Just days ago, Selena calls "Heartbreaker" beautiful music and now you think she's slamming JB when she's clearly telling young girls to stay classy. You really are a bunch of uneducated cunts aren't you?


How do you feel about these latest development?c


This'Class' comment could mean
Anything.I'm sure her friend Taylor says that 'Justin' lacks Class on a regular basis as she
hates him.However I don't believe
Selena would ever say anything
negative about Justin & esp. not
to an audience.She & Justin have
a special bond of First Love &
she takes him as he is.Just because they are not a couple
now does not negate her adoration off Justin.


If you listen to the opening concert video for Selena's song "Love Will Remember", and before she sings, you will hear jealousy & rumors. Did she brake up with Justin for the wrong reasons? Now she is trying to get him back. I believe that there is a family intervention involved with their relationship. Time will bring them back as a couple.


Lack of "class" is a diss at Miley Cyrus sexiness. It's on the other media sites.


A list of celebrity cheaters: Liam Hemsworth, Kristen Stewart, LeAnn Rimes, Aston Kutcher, Heidi Klum, Arnold Schwarzenegger, (Justin Timberlake on Jessica Biel 2010 with actress Olivia Munn), John Mayer, Harry Styles, Zayn Malikā€¦ Justin did not make the list!!

@ rb

I think maybe you care wayyyy too much about this specific topic....js.....

@ Megan

Hey, I am impressed by any guy
who remembers details, names
and even has a curiosity as to why an event(not involving himself) took place.You go guy!


Taylor Swift needs to find her own BF and stay out of others business. Guess Money can't buy you love.


It sounds to me like he insulted her and told her she's not sexy. boys who cheat like to put the blame on the girl


She loved Justin So Much thats why she is crying. She isn't crying because Justin did something to her. She has feelings and every emotion that she has doesn't need to come back in a way to bash Justin Bieber


Lol.. Damn celebs really have issues.. I mean c'mon T.swift wtf was dat all bout. You got any solid proof? Huh? If you dnt, then shut dah hell up. Cudnt careless bout S.Gomez. J.biebs all the way. Whuhuu!

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