Kim Kardashian on Kanye West Engagement: I'm So Happy!

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It's apparent in the official Kim Kardashian engagement video that took the Internet by storm yesterday:


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    Congrats Kim & Kanye!!!


    KANYE MOCKS GOD, then turns around to do DAMAGE CONTROL. kanye west is trying to use this smoke screen as if he is this changed man. yea right. remember his court hearing is in November and all of the events happening are strictly for the court hearing to prove to the judge he has changed to a better man. Nothing but a smoke screen. oh well congrats. only time will tell the truth of the true reality of the two who FAKES out everything and one black man who keeps MOCKING GOD every chance he get when he performs. BOYCOTT TIME. No not hating just looking at the reality of everything.LIFE is what it is.

    It is so sad that these two can do everything but the MOST important thing ever which is SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH NWTTHP WHERE IS NORI-seaweed? Like always hidden away with old pics of her wrapped like a mummy facing WEST.So sad right, everyday these two are in the news, faking everything and poor NWTTHP is only shown by her aunts holding her little hand (that is only if it is really her). Kanye and Kim are acting like they do not have a child whatsoever they have movie dates,trips to paris,workout in leather attire,throw a celebration and who does not be in attendance with them, no other than NWTTHP-nori-seaweed. Do they or are they ashamed of their child. I am beginning to think like everyone why do they keep her so hidden unless they really do not have a baby it has been nothing but another PUBLICITY STUNT.It is so strange that these two are so into themselves. oh well I guess America was right, The nannies are NWTTHP mommies and sad. Prayers for NWTTHP a child only to be born to be a MARKETING PRIZE and a new Brand.Remember it is only an opinion.


    ........."Lying" is her best feature.

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