Switched At Birth: Moms Discover They Had The Wrong Babies During Chance Encounter

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It's a real-life Switched At Birth story you won't believe.

Maria Loreno Gerbeno, 37 and a mother of three and lawyer in San Jose, Argentina, couldn't shake the feeling that something was off with her baby.

Call it Mother's Intuition, but as it turns out, the baby she took home from the hospital wasn't hers at all.

Gerbeno gave birth to a 6 pound 8 ounce baby girl by Cesarean section on September 30th. When nurses brought her baby to her in recovery, they told her the baby weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces. The new mother tried telling nurses that something was wrong but never got any answers. 

She assumed her memory was faulty and left the hospital but continued to feel that something wasn't right about the situation.

Three weeks after leaving the hospital, Gerbeno took her daughter to a clinic for a check-up. She met new mother Veronica Tejeda in the waiting room.

As mothers sometimes do, the two started chatting about their new babies. Tejeda shared a similar story about the nurses mixing up her baby's weight in the hospital which deepened Gerbeno's suspicion that the daughter for whom she'd been caring for the past three weeks wasn't hers.

Gerbeno lodged a complaint, demanded a DNA test, and the mothers discovered that they'd been caring for each other's baby since leaving the hospital.

Both believe no harm was done since their babies were well cared for by the other mother but are considering legal action against the hospital. 

What if they hadn't run into each other in the clinic? Good thing fate, and Mother's Intuition, were on their side. 

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