Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Attend Parenting Klass

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West don't just talk the parenting talk.

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    Good for them! IMO - ALL first time parents should be required to take parenting classes. Would help a lot of their kids from growing up screwed up and being a problem to teachers and the law.


    Good for them.There is no set
    time for parenting classes & if
    one is familiar with Family Law,
    this has no bearing on his upcoming assault charges.The
    presiding judge does not give a
    damn what classes he is taking
    If they feel parenting classes
    would be beneficial to their
    family then who is anyone to question them? Kanye would
    not benefit from Anger Management classes.He is
    who he is & this is not going to
    change.To suggest that Kim &
    Kanye may be under scrutiny
    by authorities is bizarre.So Kanye
    is a unique artist & got fed up
    with the paps, that is a far cry
    from being a bad parent.
    Kanye is a multi-faceted man
    but there is one thing that he
    would protect with his life & that
    is his family.


    "Curious" and huge conspiracy theories loi


    My comment may be taken down but the comment from "Curious" I think is right. No one goes to parenting class after the baby is born unless they Are Forced cuz they are in some sort of Trouble. Kanye really should try to control himself cuz once Ur labeled as a Hot Head that will follow u forever and people will test u and will also talk about Ur parenting skills with a new born cuz of the anger

    @ jules

    Rubbish! I was a nanny for over 20 years. Parents who truly CARE about their kids do all they can to learn how to be a good parent to them...something too few parents do nowadays.

    @ Frogmore

    Fmo- I was also a nanny for
    some years.Imagine that.
    Something in common.


    sorry my error god bless.


    I notice that my commented was deleted. Let the truth be known kanye really needs to go to ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES FIRST handled his temper then go and try to continue to damage control as if he is this loving dad who still putting out threats on paps. Kanye west needs to really grow up and stand up a be a better MAN, if not for himself at least for his NWTTHP.Prayers. Remember it is only and opinion.


    DAMAGE CONTROL! so big time. Kanye west and kim kard are in some serious trouble. Why, go to a parenting class now and NWTTHP is four months old. All that should have taken place before going to Paree, hee hee lol. kanye and kim are trying to be something they are not in front of the cameras and in the media now.

    Kany west is just doing damage control before heading to court on his assault charges, and after ranting once again he would hurt the paps again. Not a good look on his part kanye and kim are so backwards kanye west needs to stay MUM and KIM needs to take some advice from kourtney (which lately seems kims ignores everything).

    Remember kanye's tour is coming up and all of this out in the public with NWTTHP is just another publicity stunt and to get approval to take NWTTHP on the tour.

    I now believe that the children services board has now stepped in and kanye and kim are under an investigation of child neglect or I should afraid of what can happen to the baby if left alone with crazy POPS. hmmmstay tune remember it is only an opinion.

    WOW! kanye west going to parenting classes when he should be going to ANGER MANGERMENT CLASSES BIG TIME. I pray that NWTTHP be safe around her daddy because if he holds her and goes ballistic it would be done deal for poor little NWTTHP.Prayers.


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