Kim Kardashian: Does She Deserve a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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Kanye West thinks his baby mama doesn't get the respect she deserves.

It was somewhat lost among his rambling to Jimmy Kimmel about being weird and inappropriate and being from Chicago refusing to follow the rules of society... but 'Ye made it clear:

Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kim Kardashian West

For her fashion line? Her perfume? The Kim Kardashian sex tape with Ray J? West didn't specify - and he's clearly a tad biased when it comes his baby mama.

But let's open this up for debate, readers:

The Walk of Fame stars are described as "permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry." Would Kim therefore qualify?

They bear the names of of actors, musicians, directors, producers, even fictional characters.

There's really not set sect within which must fall in order to be considered, which does help Kim's case... considering she doesn't act, sing or produce.

Neil Armstrong has a star, for example ... and so do The Backstreet Boys.

It's quite a diverse group. Does Kim Kardashian belong? VOTE NOW:

Should she receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


As I said before all she has to do is get a piece of chalk and start drawing a star and her name.


what charity work?? she has stolen from her previous employer. the herd have stolen from charities. has this money ever been repaid. i bet not. this woman is a hussler liar and thief. ray j did right by pissing on this filth.


Kim and kanye both know Kim has Never stared in any movies or won any Oscars and if she really thinks the work she has done is Equivalent that is insulting to the people who have been Acting and singing for Years. Reality TV is a different kind of work and so is Fashion


A "Star" for dating a Looney-Tune? $$ don't buy you a Star!
Maybe, North (East,South,North,West) will get one for being
their child, on Earth.


Are you kidding me?!?!? That Kim Kar-Trash-Ian deserving a Star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Oh, come on now...even Hollywood wouldn't be that fucking stupid to let that happen. LOL!!!!! Again...HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


no she isn't really a star...this would be shameful,,,and so disrespectful to all those that were honored in the she truly the equal of Elvis or Humphry Bogart and others, I think not!


This should be embarrassing for Kanye. Doesn't he realize how ridiculous he sounds? I see stars for people who have won Emmys, Oscars and most of all done something worthwhile in the entertainment industry or for the world. Paris Hilton doesn't have one, the housewife franchise from Bravo don't have one and neither should Kim.


listen up Kayne and Kim, No Star! Its actually funny! A star for what roll in a movie or what songs did she write or sing. Really? WTF? I mean i watch the shows sometimes but Really? where did that idea even come from i wonder...........


Well, yeah, a star right next Barry's. Heck, KK should be up for the Nobel Peace Prize too.


...maybe a star on her face...maybe on the walk of shame ....FAME not a chance!!! For accomplishing what????...the most notoriety with the least talent???

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