Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Kiss Before Rehab Check-In: Always & Forever <3!

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Through it all, Karrueche Tran is standing by her man. She posted a sweet photo of herself kissing Breezy before he checked into rehab Tuesday night.

With Chris seeking treatment for anger management in the wake of his assault charge, Karrueche's making it known that she has his back, come what may.

Tran posted the photo below "Always & Forever ❤."

Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown Kiss

No word how long her R&B singer beau will be at the facility, but it comes on the heels of not only his D.C. arrest, but a rumored split with Karrueche.

He's accused of punching 20-year-old Parker Isaac Adams and breaking his nose after the fan tried to photobomb Brown and two women at D.C.'s W Hotel.

The star was arrested and charged with felony assault, though the charge was later reduced to a misdemeanor. It could still trigger a probation violation.

Karrueche responded to the arrest on Twitter, but put any rumors of a rift with Breezy to rest with the shot above, while he looks to "gain focus and insight."

And stay out of jail. The probation violation (for the Rihanna case) is a big deal. He doesn't have to be convicted in order for a judge to revoke his freedom.

The rehab trip, while it can't hurt, is clearly a play to show contrition. He's due back in court November 25, so expect him to stay holed up there until then.

Wonder if they have conjugal visits there? From the looks of the pic above, Karrueche would be down. He's clearly got one person in his corner still.

Chris Brown: Should he go to jail?


Karreuche "door mat" Tran is a crack head and enabler. Chris Brown will never soar the longest day that dead weight is a round. Tran is a thirsty opportunist. Mombreezy she's poisoning your son's mind from you. Ssoo her away from CB before it's ' too late.


Old pic. TBH if midget & leeches stay out of his life, he would have a better chance of recovering. They are the enablers that keep supplying his drugs. So including her in his press strategy does not make sense


Good thing they are kissing goodbye cause could be a long time before they see each other again. Karrueche Tran looks like a good girl, but the Tran's if you look up the name on the internet for criminal records, it reads like an Encyclopedia. Chris looks like he is fitting in, and he took good advice from his attorney in checking into rehab, hope it works.


It is a good thing that Chris Brown is kissing Karrueche Tran goodbye, because if you look up Tran (Oriental mafia) criminal records on the internet it looks like a long history book. It could be a long time before he sees her again as he might could even be going away. Good luck to them and hope they stay out of jail longer than many of the other Trans that are famous for robbing Casinoes, and all kinds of stuff.




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just like kissing a monkeeNOT KARRUCH?

@ abe

abe-- how do you know this?


Shut the fuck up forever. How about that instead. Love? Please love is a four letter word that nobody knows how to use properly anymore. L.O.V.E is really a
J.O.K.E! These no real shit for these two. Or he and anyone else for that matter.

@ Lady K.

Tsk..tsk...your pathetic self is a clear example of a "loveless" life.... *smh*

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