Karrueche Tran Responds to Chris Brown Arrest; Breakup to Blame For Meltdown?

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Karrueche Tran fired off a Tweet that can only be a reference to the fight that got Chris Brown arrested this morning, just days after the duo reportedly split.

Brown's on-off girlfriend - the other member of the long-running love triangle with Rihanna - said she hates "waking up to bad news" ... then lost it:

Karrueche, Chris Brown

"What is wrong with some of y'all?" Karrueche wrote on Twitter. "Did y'all parents not love y'all enough? Y'all gotta quit this negative s--t 24 f--king 7."

It's unclear if she was taking a shot at Brown himself, or if she was responding to haters bombarding her account with insults regarding the incident.

In any case, it comes on the heels of a report that Karrueche asked if she could move in to Chris' house last week, only to watch him flip out over the request.

According to insiders, he accused the aspiring model of not being “grateful” for everything he already does for her, and for trying to push him too hard.

“Karrueche basically wants to move back into Chris’ house and be there and lay some roots down. She’s wasn’t trying to suffocate him or have him on lock,” a source said.

“In her mind, it was just a baby step, [but] Chris took it the wrong way.”

“He got really mad and told her, ‘Why can’t you just be happy with what we got?’ and ‘Why you always trying to ask for more? I do all this sh!t and you’re not grateful.’”

“He thinks she’s trying to use him. That made her cry and she was devastated that he would say some s--t like that and she left,” the source revealed.

Tran Tweets

Chris really cares about Karrueche Tran, as he's proven in the past, but insiders say he seems to be afraid of getting too serious with her, or anyone.

"Chris acts out and this is his way of dealing with his feelings with any girl who wants to get close. He’s not good with his emotions and he doesn’t know how to act."

That much certainly isn't in dispute.

As we previously reported, Chris was arrested this morning in D.C. for felony assault, following an attack on some guy outside a nightclub. He is still in custody.

Perhaps the bad blood with Karrueche wasn't helping his already volatile temperament? Seeing as he lashed out for seemingly no reason, one has to wonder.

After their huge fight, Chris and Karrueche unfollowed each other on Twitter, and the singer all but confirmed the breakup on Twitter when he wrote:

"Back turned walking away from the situation. Hamisheh asegh!"

“Hamisheh Asegh,” translates to “perpetual lover,” FYI. So basically a woman who's good enough to sleep with but nothing more? Ouch, CB. Ouch.


Breaking up via text is the worst. You have to see these breakup texts. http://bit.ly/1h1OcIA


chris i love you but you need to be single for a while. his love is destructive


Alexis u dumb shit she's half black!


WTF is wrong with people...why are you hating on karrueche???karrueche was for chris brown when rihanna was constantly trying to sabotage chris career after the punching incident..kae was there for him all those time and till now..Haven't ya'll read the news that Chris is happy with kae...and his new lyrics where he called rihanna 'INDUSTRY PUSSY' HE ALOSO SAID THERE'S NO 1 BETTER THAN HIS ASIAN!SO SUCK ON THAT ..!!!HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP! LIES AFTER LIES


i find it highly irritating she is talking like a "sista"......he will never marry her, he has been good to her financially and cares about her as a person but that's it. they are business partners and she is a sharp dresser and very pretty. end of story.


Perpetual means lasting for eternity? How does "perpetual lover" translate to a woman that's only good enough to sleep with?...you guys using an urban dictionary over there?


Karrueche Tran needs to get over Chris Brown. The only thing she is going to end up with from him is a smashed face like Rihanna, cause guys like that never change. Also Karrueche Tran who says that she is an aspiring model is too ugly to be a model and looks like the only thing she could be famous for is mugging someones purse or wallet in the middle of the nite, and thinking that it will turn her into a glamorous movie star when it is only another delusional Tran.


Chris heard Riri burning all his stuff he gave her and he wants to fight to get back with her once he also heard that Rihanna is over him.

@ Diane

Karrueche please wake up and smell the coffee. CB will always be boy until someone knock some sense into him. He's a complete idiot and thinks he's an all time ladies man so please be very bright and move on to somebody who truly deserves you. I'm glad Rihanna found that out sooner than later so she wouldn't get all upset for that jerk!!!


Y'all this and y'all that. Well one thing is certain, this idiot bitch is perfect for that asshole!


Why do girls get all clingy &
give us all a bad rep?
Just have fun.

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