Chris Brown: In Rehab For Anger Management, Seeking "Insight" Into Behavior

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Chris Brown has checked into a rehab facility to seek treatment for anger management issues in the wake of his arrest last weekend, according to reports.

Perhaps Breezy heeded Mike Tyson's advice?

Chris Brown: Unity!

Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, dropped him off at an L.A. treatment center, presumably to deal with his rage issues - and stave off a prison sentence.

His mom, Joyce Hawkins, and on-off girlfriend Karrueche Tran reportedly came to see him off as well, while his publicist confirmed that he's in treatment.

"Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility," said a statement Tuesday night from his rep. There is no indication of substance abuse issues. Only rage.

"His goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling him to continue the pursuit of his life and career from a healthier vantage point."

Chris also Tweeted: "In order to go where u have never gone u have to be willing to go where u never been!!!! #OHB CBE! I love you TEAM BREEZY"

The L.A. County Probation Department is proceeding with an investigation to determine if Brown violated his probation in the 2009 Rihanna case.

By getting arrested for assault for allegedly punching some guy in the nose, Chris could have his probation, and freedom, revoked. Conviction or not.

Due to the victim's injuries being less than severe and conflicting witness accounts, the felony charge against him has already been reduced to a misdemeanor.

It's the probation that's the real problem for Chris, though, not this case.

The embattled 24-year-old star flew to L.A. after getting released from the D.C. jail and met with L.A. County Probation Department officials today.

Following his conviction for assault for his attack on Rihanna, he was given five years' probation, which requires him to do community labor and obey all laws.

Not done and not done. At best, the R&B singer is on thin ice at this point.

It's likely the Probation Department will conclude Brown violated his probation, and a judge could sentence him to as much as four years in prison.

However, a judge could also withhold a decision until after the D.C. case plays out. In which case, the rehab move could show good faith and contrition.

Well, at least until the next time he beats the crap out of somebody.

Talk to us, THGers: Should Chris Brown go to jail?


He will continue acting as a thug as long as he gets away with it. He thinks because of his money and his fame he can gets away with anything. He needs to be treated like a regular person in society. Lock him up and throw away the key. Get this loser thug off the streets!

@ ...

It's unfortunate,the lack of
insight and the complete
ignorance on the injurious
lasting effects of Domestic
and physical abuse on a child.
You have no idea what Chris
Brown thinks or why.This 'thug'
& 'money' blame , well it's just
the easiest way to condemn
someone you know nothing about.


Ohhhh I'm sure there will lots of understanding letters from ugly ducklings. All of course understanding his pain. Reaching out and defending his behavior because of the way society has kept him down, repression and all, what with slavery and judgement of course. The main thing is, it takes a white woman to bring all the injustice to the surface because only she can understand from her many years of being sucked in by the system and of course let's not forget those daddy issues.


he's an angry black man, no anger mgmt can change that. throw him in jail with the rest of them, he wont change.


....or the madhouse?


I agree.T.W. Chris needs specialized one on one interaction with a professional.
Anger managment is far too
general & it is highly unlikely that
Chris would have access to a
mentor/confidante whom he trusted


Had to go to rehab to learn what 8 year old kids know

@ Roy

Had to go to stay out of jail.


Oh come on! We all know that it doesn't work. Anger management I mean.

@ The Watcher

Well, maybe this Will work even
though I previously said it fell short.If they are really going to
'take him apart & put him back
together', this is what needs to
happen.When you watch your stepfather pummel your mom as a child & are abused yourself,it
changes you forever.These are
the issues that need to be worked through with Chris.
He will likely still spend some time in jail but if this treatment
is successful, he will be at peace
with this.Chris will come out of

@ lola+d.

this stint with lots of 'true life'
tunes and he can resume his
great talents with a calm and
tolerance that will make for a
much nicer life.

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