Kardashian Kollection: Totally Sold Out in the UK!

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Everything is coming up Kardashian this week.

Just days after Kim Kardashian got engaged to Kanye West, the family got a chance to celebrate another exciting piece of news:

The new Lipsy fashion collection headed by Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian went on sale yesterday… and sold out in record time overseas!

Khloe Kardashian for the Kardashian Kollection
Kourtney Kardashian for The Kardashian Kollection
Kardashian Kollection Promo Pic

The clothing line features skin-tight dresses made of lace, along with leopard print and intricate beadwork that is meant to lure any object of desire in.

Khloe got the sales ball rolling in Great Britain by hosting a live Twitter chat yesterday morning, which prompted the trending of #KhloeKKLipsy worldwide and which led to Lipsy's single biggest online shopping day in history.

Everything is now sold out until the holidays.

"The Kardashian Kollection for Lipsy has sold faster than we could ever have anticipated, making it Lipsy's most successful collaboration to date. It's a smash hit," a rep for the company said in a release.

Speaking of smashes that don't last very long, remember the Kim Kardashian sex tape?!?


Kim linked to this site on her Twitter feed, but the sidebar and the end of the article are both hurling insults at her for no reason. She must not give a shit lol.


You are the one that is sad where do you buy your cloths. Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and a lot of other designer cloths cost
hundred and some thousand, it is for the wealthy. There cloths is better
than some of the cheaper shop, look and though primark clothes


There cloths is a lot better than most in Oxford street
I went to Top shop, Carnaby street and lot's of other shops
and the cloths was rubbish. Only Selfridges, John Lewis,house of Frazer and some of Debenhams designers were better, designers
in selfridges are expensive in the hundreds. It happens in the other
shops also sales cloths for 50 or 75%. Haters get lost


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doubt very much anyone of these rags made in sweat shops sold out. if their line was so in demand they would not be peddling it on tv shopping. look at sears. those rags ended up on the 75% racks. they dont even wear their rags. same quality as kmart only difference is kmart can justify their price they cant.


People in the know of fashion
& who can afford high end
clothing buy this line.The dress
on the left is really stunning.
If this was anyone else you
would not complain about the
clothes being trashy or designers
making money from their craft.
Obviously, people like their
clothing lines etc.so why the


Wow,I didn't know there was that many ignorant people around to buy
such trash from this most annoying family. They must be behind the times of reality. So sad.........






WOW! of course this would happen why because the this wicked evil CURSED kardashian family has their own billions and they bought everything.LOL People are not so stupid after all to contribute to keep putting more billions into this wicked and cursed bank account.Peace Not I am not hating at all this wicked family is in overmode and needs to GO AWAY FOR GOOD E PLEASE BAIL OUT OF THEIR CONTRACT. So sad with now the younger jenner girls acting out and acting out of control it is a prime example why the kardashians needs to GO AWAY bad for our youth what have the genner girls given to the BLACK COMMUNITY I have not seen anything GREAT WHATSOEVER but all sisters but one who know LOVES BLACK MEN AND BOY. PEACE SAD.

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