Charlie Hunnam: NOT Quitting Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

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Rumors that Charlie Hunnam is quitting the Fifty Shades of Grey movie have surfaced in recent days. The alleged reason? The widespread fan discontent.

While that is undeniably the reason for the rumors themselves - you wouldn't hear such rumors over The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder - it's untrue.

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless
Charlie Hunnam Tattoo

Some are even brainstorming who should play Christian Grey if Hunnam walks. While absurd, that does tell you a lot about how his casting was received.

Like it or not, though, Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He was hanging with E.L. James only a few days ago.

The book's author tweeted, "Guess who" alongside a photo of Charlie's forearm tattoo that his character, Jax Teller, wears on FX's Sons of Anarchy.

Obviously, E.L. and Charlie aren't sitting around taking Twitpics if he isn't very much on board with the film. Sorry to burst your bubble, Matt Bomer fans.

In fact, rather than discord among the Fifty Shades braintrust, they're protecting their investment. Hunnam has reportedly been given a team of bodyguards.

Apparently they don't want anyone messing up that face ... or trying to take him out in hopes of Robert Pattinson being installed in his 50 Shades place.

Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey:


I think she should go. My personal opinion I would choose Ian Somerhalder as Christian and Emma Watson as Anna.


It's never been anything personal against Hunnam. Yes, he's somewhat attractive but in all the previous post of who fans wanted to see play Christian I can't ever recall ever seeing his name. It was always actors with similiar feature. His physical appearance is so far from Christian. yes he has muscles but not the character's physique. he's older looking and lacks the chisled features of Christian. The web shows pictures of a much younger Hunnam to try and convince the public he is the right choice.
As for Dakota playing Ana, she is so so wrong. Just because she is willing to take off her clothes doesn't make her the perfect choice. She's old looking and has an annoying voice.
With the public still asking for recast, what does that say about the success of the film and with an R rated film this is a flop in the making.


I absolutely love the books, and have always imagined Christian Grey a completely different way. Nothing against Hunnam, but Bomer is a much better choice. I'd be his submissive, not Hunnams. Ana I think was casted ok... Her character in the book is me in real life. Please don't cast Hunnam as Grey! Make it truly the best movie it can be, with Not casting Hunnam as the gloriously sexy dominant Christian Grey....


Robert Pattinson never crossed my mind as Christian Grey. I was pinning for Ian as Mr. Grey or even Matt (if Ian didn't land the role). But try watching Pacific Rim and you'll see a hint of Christian in Charlie. For Dakota? It's a big NO for me. Of course she's an actress who could do any role but we've come to know her in roles like in 21 jumpstreet, the Five year engagement and the mean girl in Beastly. So sorry I'm not sorry for not liking for Charlie...don't quit. For the fans? Watch Pacific Rim.


I don't imagine Christian looking like him... im thinking if they cut his hair, maybe dye it a different color and also shave his facial hair, he may be a bit more attractive!!

@ Dee

Just give Hunnam a hair cut, contact lenses, and maybe a new face. That would be perfect!


Charlie isn't so bad. He isn't drop dead gorgeous like Christian and he looks cross eyed sometimes but he has a good body and is a good looking guy. He'll never be y CG but for the movie he'll be fine. It's Dakota that there is no hope for! She looks the near polar opposite of how Ana is described! And she just turned 24, but looks 34!


No to Dakota. She's gotta go!


I have been keeping somewhat in loop over this whole thing. Quite frankly, as someone who has read all three books and then did actual research on BDSM and has read other types of erotic/romance books, 50 Shades did not show me anything. Not to mention from my research of BDSM, it was not depicted correctly and the all the sex, (for me anyway) was a bit of an overkill. I'm also will state that I am one of those fans of Ian Somerhalder and quite honestly I am glad he was never considered for the role, a source close to E.L. James even said that the role wouldn't even go to him, which tells me that she didn't even want him for the role as she does have say so over this movie. I feel that Ian is too talented for this role and the only reasons I feel that 50 Shades fans wanted him to play CG is because of the way he portrays Damon Salvatore. However, if you really look at the two characters, Damon and Christian, you will see that they two are quite different. And also because that who the fans pictured because Damon Salvatore is a "bad boy". I would also like to point out to 50 Shades fans who are disgusted with the choice of actors need to realize that just because you picture your favorite actors as these two characters in your head does not mean that they would have that same chemistry on screen. You cannot always go on looks alone, there has to be chemistry and since none of you are casting directors, you don't have the knowledge to know whether or not if two actors can pull off the chemistry needed. Just because you can picture it in your head, does not mean it will be that way in real life. And in closing to 50 Shade fans, I leave you this in parting: One would think that you all who say you are such devoted fans of E.L. James would be more supportive of who was chosen for these characters that she created. She does have so say over who got cast, so therefore she is clearly happy of who was chosen. You E.L. James Fans should be more supportive of the author wove this twisted yet crappy story that you all love so much and yet have shown so much ugliness towards this movie all because your fantasy choices weren't chosen. I think perhaps you 50 Shades Fan are showing a little hypocrisy, don't you think?

@ Kanesha

First of all, not everyone wanted Ian (or Matt). I sure as hell didnt and neither did a lot of others too! They weren't the only two that the 70 million fans wanted. I didn't picture any specific actor for either part in my head. I mustered up my own image based on their descriptions and when fan casting for the movie started early last yr I chosen an actor and actress to support based on who resembled the images in my head the closest. Personally for me it was Henry Cavill and Emilia Clarke. Both were later rumored to be production favorites but both had prior commitments this fall filming other projects. Last year ELJ said she had a top 3 personal favorites for Christian. When the cast was announced, producers pretty much admitted that these 2 chosen weren't on the top of their list, and the other producer said he understands the backlash. Charlie and Dakota were probably the best at the end out of who they could actually get that was available and willing. Felicity Jones was highly pursued for Ana but couldn't take it, Emilia Clarke was the same and so was Imogen Poots. But out of who they could actually get to audition, which we all know they had trouble with that, these two chosen were probably the ones. I'm sure ELJ was disappointed she couldn't get any of who she wanted originally for either part, but is she going to say that or show it? Of course not! It's their job to sell them to us. ELJ put so much emphasis on their physical appearances in the books and made them important to the story and characters. These two, especially Dakota (and who I'm mostly referring to in this comment) looks NOTHING like she made her characters. I'm pretty sure she had to settle and is accepting it because its what she has to do for her film and to try and convince us fans, and that is that.


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I love the fact that everyone is freaking out over a shitty twilight fanfiction turned novel turned movie. Literally, calm down. This book is one of the worst written ones out there, it's pathetic. The actors aren't going to ruin the movie, the terrible book and its storyline already have.

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