Miley Cyrus Twerks, Puts on First Live Performance of "Wrecking Ball"

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Miley Cyrus took to the stage today for the first time since her split with Liam Hemsworth.

And it showed. Possibly.

Following a Twerking-filled rendition of "We Can't Stop" (which included dancing mushrooms) at the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Cyrus grew teary-eyed during a live performance of "Wrecking Ball," breaking down at one point during the emotional ballad.

Due to her breakup with Liam? Because he has moved on with Eiza Gonzalez? Simply because that's what the song calls for?

Watch now and decide for yourself:

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She is redneckish! she reminded me of a dike. She could of had a hit song with a sexy reputation. Now she has hit song but only a nasty guy would have her


Miley said Thank U for making my video break records...... Uh yeah How many pervs watched it 2 b**t off!!!!

@ Mimi

I doubt too many... she isn't that sexy. She was dorky not sexy. LoL :) lmao... my husband said she turns him off. Animals having sex is hotter than that boob


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Damn, she's good!


don't push to hard, girl. JUST GO WITH THE FLOW..............


Don't cry you little attention craving shit. You had a choice and you made your decision, respectable guy who for some reason stood by you for so long vs. the black rappers white bitch so little girls can follow your lead. You will have plenty of time to cry after the fall.

@ Now wipe those phony tears

Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
You are Nasty
.I doubt if it's Liam she's crying over,if she really is crying.It's her
concert.She can cry if she wants
to.A respectable guy who leaves his girlfriend alone on Valentine's
Day? That's when Miley & him became estranged.Liam was not loyal to Miley .They've been estranged for months but Liam
chose after the VMA's to go very public with another girl.Talk
about an attention whore.
He'll never get press like that


She is all theater - she does what is necessary to get attention.

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