Kate Middleton "Orchestrated" Marriage to Prince William, Tell-All Book Claims

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In the new tell-all book Kate: The Future Queen, author Katie Nicholl claims Kate Middleton didn’t just luck into her happily ever after with Prince William.

“There were too many coincidences,” Katie tells celebrity gossip magazine In Touch of the way the duo got together years ago, implying Kate scripted it.

For starters, the author points out, consider Kate Middleton's choice of school.

“They actually first met through friends in the summer of 1999, before college,” reveals Nicholl, who says that encounter must have had a major impact.

Kate gave up her spot at a prestigious university to go to his school instead.

The book alleges that Kate made she she crossed paths with the future king whenever she could, ensuring that she would one day be his queen.

She's supposedly still not a fan of Cressida Bonas, Prince Harry's girlfriend, because she's the sister of William's ex. Scandalous stuff right there.

Of course, that doesn't mean they're not head over heels for each other.

“Some of what happened may have been engineered,” says Katie.

“But theirs is a true love story.”


I like how this claims St Andrews isn't a good school :/


Oh come on... Stevie Wonder could see this was a plot by Carole & Kate from the start. Carole gave her daughter an ugly duckling make over before she started at the same college as William, and even bought Kate a whole new wardrobe. They paid alot of money to switch her schools, Carole also sent Kate to Africa *it may be the wrong country* anyway she sent her to the same Country that William was reported to be going to, to help those in need. Carole was hoping they would be there together. However, Caroles timing was 1 week too late. There are numorous other things Carole attempted to set up in a perfect timing sense. One of their first break ups was due to Kates reaction to a Valentines gift William gave her. She expected an engagement ring. Instead it was a compact. She reportedly went off an through a tantrum over this. How selfish an ignorant of her to say the least. Those actions caused William to break up with her because he was tired of her constant hounding about getting engaged etc. William was reported to have said that he thinks thats all she wanted was a ring on her finger. He thought that was her reason as to why she was with him. He could be right still. She just kept hanging on for her and her families desire to become part of the royals. A British version of a Gold Digger. Kate didnt seem too thrilled or eager to have a child. Some say they just wanted time to enjoy being a couple before starting a family. I mean come on they had an entire decade alone together. Kates just going through the motions. She got what she wanted. They just don't come off as a couple in love. A few years ago one of the British insiders said that Kate was a demanding snobby bitch who has to have her way. He was fired an swiftly removed from the palace. All this info can be found if you just do some research. We are all entitled to our opinion an disagree with each other. I just wanted to voice what I have observed through the years. I hope history doesn't repeat itself and they do last as a married couple and give George a siblling or two. A princess *spare* would be nice addition to the royal family.


U guys are pathetic, how can u like a woman who schemed with her mother and willy was left with no choice but to marry her, he doesnt even look crazy about her, why no PDA, even honeymoon pic, do they look really in love, i dont think so, kaity schemed and is loyal to william thats all, she sucks at being a duchess, i do believe no one would have married her, she is average looking, lazy and manipulative, she and her mother should have given give william a chance to find a suitable woman, he was left with no choice but to give in, and it is already showing, he is always happy when kate is not around, poor willy, poor britain u deserve better,!!


If one has $$$ enough to begin with, one can "script" to meet almost anyone...doesn't mean they actually did though. Someone else who wrote a book said her mother scripted the whole thing. Which was it?


I actually thought this when I heard they were getting married and she was in the charity fashion show with a see through mesh thing and heard they went to the same school, I thought the SAME exact thing, now someone is actually saying it


go f y Katie nicholl. you lame bitch. sure sounds like someone needs to sue your ass. we all love William and kate and you are an envious old bitch.




These "tactics" are nothing new. Nothing but good old fashioned
Playing the game.


So what if she did I say good for her......she got her man!

@ Samantha

True very true, women, the cunning ones will MAKE their fate instead of waiting around for it, I mean look at Kate she'e no Charlotte Casiraghi in the looks department, put her in a pair of sweatpants and old 80s shirt she would look like a dustmaid/commoner but she knew how to PLAY THE GAME and she got her man so... even if she "orchestrated" or planned her capturing William, she was successful so who can really crap on that?


Oh for the love of God, let them be. They are NOT film celebrities, their personalities are not that shallow! Another useless book to make some idiot money.

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