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After a third week of performances live on ABC, the Dancing With the Stars results are in for the second Monday night elimination of the 17th season.

So who's the odd man (or woman) out this time around?

Bill Nye on Dancing With the Stars

Combining both scores from this week's episode and public votes from last week, the Dancing With the Stars results show is harder to predict than ever.

Heading into tonight, the Bills (Nye and Engvall) brought with them the lowest scores, and seemingly the poorest prospects for advancing to next week.

The Science Guy was also nursing some torn ligaments, further dimming his prospects. Did either of them surprise us? Let's get to the DWTS results ...

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The decision to move Amanda Bynes from the psychiatric ward of a major hospital to a ritzy rehab center was made for her own good, her parents say.

Rick and Lynn Bynes commented on a previous report about their daughter shifting locations three weeks ago and leaving UCLA Medical Center.

Amanda's new home? The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu.

Her parents, via attorney Tamar Arminak, say the move was advised by the doctors at UCLA, and that she is "making great strides towards recovery."

Sources close to Amanda Bynes also stated that the surroundings at The Canyon are preferable to what she was experiencing at UCLA. To wit:

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Wilson Kipsang didn't just win the Berlin Marathon this weekend.

He set a new world record in the distance, shattering the old mark by an amazing 15 seconds.

However, the Kenyan star was unable to totally celebrate the achievement at the finish line because some idiot ran out of the crowd and broke the tape first.

Even worse? The moron was wearing a shirt that promotes an online escort service, as you can see in the following footage:

It's unclear at the moment whether German police arrested the rule-breaking attendee.

In semi-related news, Pamela Anderson will be running the New York City Marathon this year. We doubt she'll break any record, though.

Unless... is there a mark for Most Jiggles Over A 26.2 mile Distance?

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It's embarrassing enough to simply play the tuba in high school.

So imagine being a high school tuba player who gets caught in a domino-like pile-up during halftime of a football game, falling to the ground along with many of your fellow instrument-playing bandmates.

That's exactly what wet down for Austin's Lake Travis High School Cavalier Marching Band this weekend, but on the plus side? They made it on to Good Morning America as a result!

That's more than we can say for ourselves. So maybe we should shut the heck up. Watch footage from this on-field mishap now:

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Marina Shifrin recently quit her job in the coolest way ever - with a video of her dancing around the office and describing exactly why she needs to quit.

The 25-year-old, who previously worked at Next Media Animation, posted this to YouTube with one simple message for her boss: I'm outta here!

In the video, she dances around the offices of the Taiwanese animator (you've seen their hilarious news reenactments) at odd hours of the night. She laments:

"For almost two years I've sacrificed my relationships, time and energy for this job. And my boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets."

"So I figured I'd make ONE video of my own."

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I don't apologize for anything.

So says Miley Cyrus in a new MTV documentary titled "Miley: The Movement," in which the singer is asked about all her headline-generating songs, videos and Twerks from the past few weeks.

Miley Cyrus on MTV

It was "a strategic hot mess," Cyrus said of her VMA performance with Robin Thicke. "If I wanted a raunchy sex show, I wouldn't have been dressed as a damned bear."

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America's Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson is back in the spotlight, modeling sexy lingerie in the UK for Panache Lingerie's new Sculptresse line.

This is making news because it's a plus-size, flattering collection offered in cup sizes ranging from D to J and band sizes ranging from 36 to 46. Take a look:

Whitney Thompson Lingerie Photo

Thompson, the first plus-size America's Next Top Model winner, is a natural fit to represent a full-figured, fashion forward customer, the brand says.

"I feel feminine and sexy when I wear the pieces, which is important for me and other curvy women. It's about time we had a collection like this for the real woman."

It's clear she's comfortable in Sculptresse, too. See more pics below:

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Last night on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which returned with little fanfare opposite the Breaking Bad finale and every other show, camel toe was the story.

Khloe Kardashian being the chief offender. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian called out their little sister for her constant wardrobe malfunction down under.

Let's get to that and more in THG's +/- recap!

Khloe on Keeping Up

Kourt reveals during a pajama party with friends that while all women have some issues with C-toe at times, Khloe's is out of control on a regular basis.

“We’ve all had our camel toe moments but Khloe lets the camel be shown,” Kourtney said, then gives her an apparatus to help hide it. Plus 150 for sisterly love.

“It is what it is. I have a big p--sy, I can’t control it,” Khloe said. Plus 150 for owning that p--sy. Minus 300 for Lamar ditching it for Polina Polonsky's "crack."

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She got famous by running in slow-motion on the beach, Baywatch style.

But Pamela Anderson is now making headline for her plans to run in a very different manner: without a red bathing suit, but for a very good cause.

Pamela Anderson in Paris

"I'm running the New York Marathon this year and raising funds for the J/P Haitian Relief Organization," the 46-year old Tweeted yesterday, adding:

"Together, I hope we can raise at least $500,000 and make a huge impact in this magical country. Keep checking my page and Facebook and Twitter to find out about all sorts of contests I'll be running from now until November - I will give updates on my training too."

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It should satisfy the enormous ego of Walter White to know that he went out in a blaze of record-setting glory.

The series finale of Breaking Bad - which ended with Walt freeing Jesse, killing a lot of Neo-Nazis and passing away from a gunshot wound inside a meth lab - shattered series ratings on AMC, garnering 10.3 million overall viewers.

That's an astounding 300% increase over last year's finale, with 6.7 million of those viewers residing in the advertiser-friendly demographic of 18-49-year olds.

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