Amanda Bynes Rehab Move Defended By Parents: It's What She Needs

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The decision to move Amanda Bynes from the psychiatric ward of a major hospital to a ritzy rehab center was made for her own good, her parents say.

Rick and Lynn Bynes commented on a previous report about their daughter shifting locations three weeks ago and leaving UCLA Medical Center.

Amanda's new home? The Canyon rehab facility in Malibu.

Her parents, via attorney Tamar Arminak, say the move was advised by the doctors at UCLA, and that she is "making great strides towards recovery."

Sources close to Amanda Bynes also stated that the surroundings at The Canyon are preferable to what she was experiencing at UCLA. To wit:

"Amanda was stuck with people in much worse condition than her. She was extremely scared, afraid and did not leave her immediate room area."

The lawyer adds that despite the "rehab" label of The Canyon, Amanda "is getting specialized psych care, one on one treatment, not drug rehab."

There, the 27-year-old is able to walk around the grounds, see the Pacific Ocean and ride the horses. The price tag? Approximately $55,000 a month.

If they've got it and it works, worth every penny.

Bynes is said to be "paranoid" that celebrity gossip media paparazzi will find her, so clearly there's a long way to go as far as treating her illness.

She's not wearing her wig, at least.


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