Spray-On Caffeine: Actually a Thing!

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Don't like coffee? Can't stand energy drinks? Well have we got a deal for you!

Well, not us, rather Devin Soni and Ben Yu, Harvard graduates who suffer from the horrible affliction of caffeine sensitivity.

They have found a way to deliver energy through a spray that you apply to your neck rather than having to drink coffee or guzzle Red Bull. 

Check out their IndieGoGo video below!

Okay. I realize this is apparently a very super serious matter, to these guys at least, but surely I'm not the only one that kept expecting the Energizer Bunny to walk through this video or have someone jump through the screen yelling about energy.

The voice-over sounded like it was narrating a story of a kitten lost in a snowstorm on a cold winter's night only to be miraculously rescued by a kind soul... energized by spray caffeine. 

Apparently there are plenty of people out there in need of spray energy in their lives as the duo's IndieGoGo campaign not only met their campaign goal of $15,000 but have surpassed it.

Just goes to show, people love products that fit 40 cups of coffee in one small and portable spray bottle.

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shake hard enough with a can of Red Bull.
now open it.