Jennifer Richardson Claims to Have Proof of Lamar Odom Affair

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According to a new tabloid report, Khloe Kardashian is done with her marriage.

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    If she really had an affair why put it out like that? I feel bad for khloe.Odom better say something


    Nasty!!! Thats it.


    Jennifer Richardson is another Skank Whore trying to get 3 seconds of fame just like the other Skank Whores. The problem is the Star and InTouch magazines are Trash and no one buys them. People read the articles in the store and put them back so they welcome these fake stories to increase sales


    Jennifer Richardson is a fake, just trying to make some cash.
    She calls herself the "iTaLiaN $TaLLioN".
    Check out her twitter pics. This one is from 2 years ago.


    Yes dude only don't like white women cuz you cannot get one to pay attention to you Lol


    Hey @$%hole what does Color have yo do with it can you only see black and white? Wine wine i'm black and everyone is picking on me you are pathetic


    @ ldavis what's skin color, height or anything have to do with it? If I knew a friend of mine was cheating or being cheated on, you better believe I'd confront them. If someone isn't happy in a marriage, do the right thing & get a divorce. Cheating does NOT make anyone cool or whatever. It's one of the lowest forms of betrayal.


    Intouch mag is fake and shit.
    This mistress is only doing for fame.


    Lamar was pussy whipped by Khloe and he was tired of being Mr. Kartrashdian. He should of however, been a man and did it the right way and leave Khloe. He was being controlled by that family and he forgot he had another family before he came across this fame whore family.


    JUST having game ticket stubs & plane ticket & other receipts doesn't necessarily prove anything BUT if she DOES have them, considering all the talk of an affair, then it is HIGHLY likely. I'm just now really reading about it because I HATE the Kardashian's & their need for fame. However, Khloe seems the most down-to-earth, although that's not necessarily saying much overall. She DOES speak her mind more than any other though I think & doesn't seem like she's all about the glam & press. If I had to say yes or no then I'd say yep he cheated.

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