Plus-Size Bride Wrapped in Giant Elastic Band to Try on Wedding Dresses

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Shopping for a wedding dress isn't always the joyous experience it's cracked up to be ... especially if you're a plus-size bride and they wrap you in an elastic band beforehand.

Seriously, this happened to Chastity Garner.

A stylist herself by profession, Garner recently had a horrible experience in a bridal salon, which she described to The Huffington Post:

"When I went in to get fitted [for a wedding dress] they wouldn't put the gown on me because the gown was a size eight, so they pushed it up to me."

Then, she recalled, "they took an elastic band around my body and held it up ... I thank God that I'm a stylist and I know what works for me."

"But what about all those girls who don't have that eye?"

Everyone's different, so if you're a plus-size bride - or any bride-to-be for that matter - fashion experts suggest shopping for a gown that flatters your body type.

What does that entail exactly? It just depends on you.

"Top-heavy brides with hourglass figures look great in trumpet silhouettes, whereas an A-line cut is better if you're bottom-heavy," says one expert.

Meanwhile, options such as empire dresses or ball gowns may look more flattering, as will figure-flattering fabrics such as taffeta, which is thicker and smoothing.

No elastic required.


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I don't understand why some people find it necessary to make rude, crude, and just down right mean comments about someone else's appearance. As long as they are happy with themselves, leave them alone and get a life yourself! Take a good look in your own mirror, I'm sure none of you bashers are perfect either. And yes 'Abe' this is directed right at you and anyone like you.


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