Miley Cyrus to Notion: Kids Are Meant to Eff Up!

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Miley Cyrus is Twerking once again.

Fortunately, there's no foam finger involved this time. Nor is Robin Thicke's crotch anywhere to be found.

But Notion has released a special GIF of its latest cover, which features the controversial superstar doing what got her into a lot of trouble at the Video Music Awards on Sunday: shaking that booty like it's her job. Check it out now:

Miley Cyrus Twerking for Notion

Let's hope Dr. Laura this image, left she once again label Cyrus a disgusting, whore-like pig.

In an interview with the magazine, Miley goes back to her days as Hannah Montana and makes it clear there were some issues there with Disney.

The 20-year old says she would never advise a young person to become an actor because one should "enjoy being a kid," adding: “People don’t realize, but with so many responsibilities you hold an entire company on your back and you’re a kid so you’re supposed to f-ck up."

It certainly is true that Miley's days of racy photos go way back. Remember that nude picture scandal from 2008?

Miley sure does, referencing past issues from her day as a TV star in this Q&A.

"When you do [mess up], it’s the head of the company that ends up getting letters from a thousand different people and that all comes down on him which then comes down on me...

“... I don’t think any kid should be responsible for their personal life representing a company as big as that."


“... I don’t think any kid should be responsible for their personal life representing a company as big as that." Her parents were the ones who should have been watching out for her interests. They failed, BIG time, IMO. Many child actors have gone on to have lucrative careers without showing their ass like she does...Natalie Wood, Shirley Temple, etc. etc. etc. They behaved like ladies, and still did well.


Miley needs an ass to Twerk with she is
Flat and droopy and practice singing
Absolutely awful
And she proud of it poor thing


Miley cannot compare herself to
Madonna or ga ga they have talent
Miley had none u sounded awful
And word of advise squat and lots of them girl has no ass to Terri with


Who edits this crap? The first sentence makes absolutely no sense. Is asnybody actually bothering to edit this thing?


What a disgusting cover! I think the reason why she is twerking, barely dressed and her tongue hanging out like a dog in heat is because she is trying to get the attention of Vivid Entertainment for a career in porn. At least Hugh Hefner imploded when kate Gosselin said she got a letter from Hugh himself to pose in Playboy. He even sent out a press release saying he would never ever have kate Gosselin in his magazine.


All this just proves that all one needs to be financially successful is to have a well known parent, be nice looking and be willing behave like a porn star. Miley has nothing other than that going for her.


I think that no one really cares what Miley does anymore, but unfortunately, millions of very young girls will be emulating her behaviors, which is disturbing. I'm always reading something about what Miley's dad has to say, but never read anything about her mother. Is her mother still around?? Who is Miley's mother??

@ jeanu

Correction: 3 children

@ jeanu

Billy Ray Cyrus has been married to Leticia 'Tish' Finley for 19 years.They have five children with Noah, 13, the only minor child.Billy Ray filed for divorce in 2010 and said then that Miley's fame had compromised their marriage.
Tish then filed this summer,citing irreconcilable differences.Neither has ever mentioned Extramarital affairs as an issue.
She is requesting that Billy Ray pay her legal fees as well as full spousal support. She is also asking for full custody of Noah with visitation rights for Billy Ray.
This is the correct account of Miley's present parental situation.

@ jeanu

Hey j..
Do not agree with you but this is what I know about her Mom.
Her name is Tish & she's been married to Billy Ray for a long time because Miley is her biological child.She & B.Ray have several times been ready to separate very recently but have decided against it.I think she is still in the family home with him & the younger daughter.
This 'Tish' was at the VMA's standing with her Manager & they were applauding Miley.This is just my take but I think this Manager has some bizarre ideas concerning Miley's Image & whathe can do with her.Her Mom hanging out with him is strange as he comes off as a big Creep.
I think this might have caused those latest issues between Miley's parents but that's just speculation.That's all I know about Mrs. Cyrus.

@ lola+d.

Miley's parents got the divorce, because Tish cheated on Billy Ray...They were separated for a while, but Billy Ray decided to divorce Tish....
Tish is just a meal ticket on Miley's money...That is why Tish applauded Miley's performance...

@ LemonKnots

I was not aware that they actually got the divorce.That would explain her being with this Opportunist & them both cheering Miley on.So then Miley is providing for Tish & the guy who is Twisting her sensabilities?
Really , really Mom.That is the Ultimate betrayal.


She'd be a great porn star....her character and values make her ugly enough. No wonder our young girls think they need to use their bodies to attract boys. Totally disgusting person.

@ Pat

They didn't get the divorce, and Billy Ray was the one who was rumored to have cheated on Tish. They have reconciled. Who knows maybe they both cheated on each other at one point.


Who is she actually hurting? If anyone herself most likely, which doesn't seem to be happening. Ppl need to quit hating on this young girl. And this Dr Laura needs to STFU!

@ Spare+me

These young girls better start thinking about taking birth control pills....

@ Spare+me

Thank you S.M. So many hateful & uncaring ranters. Miley is a very young girl with a manager that is way older.He has all the influence on her & it has gotten her into a place that neglects her talent. When you are 20 years old you are prone to following your biggest influence so maybe consider how she made this Non Earth-Shaking error in judgment.
So yeah, lay off Miley.You haters who think your so pure use the filthiest terms.You & this Dr. Laura come off as the worst Dirt Bags ever.Y'all say Miley needs a role model but you are certainly not the ones to Follow.

@ lori+snyder--

WoW. What a piece of work below by 'FANG.' You should be doubting your SANITY because you have NONE.Yammer your unintelligent BITTERNESS with your own KIND & learn how to SPELL.'THRONE.' I will not ENGAGE in your mindless DRIVEL,
because YOU are not only less than BRIGHT, you are just a big WINDBAG of NEGATIVITY.Go reply to SOMEONE who identifies WITH your PERVERSIONS.

@ lori snyder

First you call her manager a pervert & then you question the possibility that I may also be perverted.You are another one who has an'All over the Place' scattered Logic.I am outa here Now.I'm going to write a song about the 'Screw-Ups on the Hollywood Gossip site.(lots of inspirations)
P.S. I really don't believe that your story on Billy Ray & his wife were Factual.
. Nothing worse than Stupid & Mouthy combined.

@ lori snyder

I beginning to wonder if you're a pervert yourself.....

@ lori snyder

@LS- yeah- your a " no man" loser and if all you can run your "Pie Hole" about is my spelling then the rest of what I said must be true! I take it your habits are just like Miley. WTF would you know anyway about Miley's manager. You are 1/2 past stupid. You need to reply to the Special Ed blog.

@ lori+snyder--

Oh...... Up until you spoke I had doubts about my sanity. I'm guessing you "LORI & her 20 other user names" sit perched on your THROWN spouting words of wisdom after once straightening your CROWN? Please- Like you and your 3 time loser ass would know a role model if he was sitting in your lap. I'm guessing you in your prime (long since gone) made quite the Mess yourself.

@ Sims

Oh geez, you made me so nauseous that I neglected to address my Last post to LemonKnots (your alter ego) and You, the Rage-Aholic.How tragic that you take such Offence to Class, Intelligence and researched Information.Anyways,
don't Forget your Popsicle sticks
for Craft-Time tomorrow.
Au Revoir, You Dumb Bitches.


Uh. Miley is 20, no longer a kid. Time to grow up. The sad thing is, she could be such a good role model for younger kids, especially preteens and teenagers. So sad that she doesn't realize she would be taken more seriously and be given more respect if she made better choices in what she represents.

@ Lisa

I agree with you 100%...But, Miley follows her perverted manager to make those big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$...


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