Miley Cyrus: Nude in Vanity Fair?

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Will we be seeing Miley Cyrus nude in the new issue of Vanity Fair?


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    yeah, I compleetely agree that she is being amazing lately, with that attitude. found the nude pics at


    miley nude?
    fo real?
    bet u can find miley nude only at sites like


    WTF. get over it people. let her be. if she wasnt famouse noone would care. shes just a normal teenage girl. trying to fit into the messed up world. GET OVER IT! seriously. yous are all making out its the endd of the world. Shes not perfect, but she can sing, and shes a good actor, shes beautiful, she makes a few mistakes in her life and its all over the internet, how would yous like it if everytime yous messed up the whole world would know. move on. and get the F**K over it!


    tell miley cyrus to email me


    I'm laughing right now at the mothers who feel betrayed because they rely on some watered down pop star to act as a role model for their kids. Guess what, mom.. It's not Miley's, or anyone else's job to steer your kids to the path of Jesus, morality, puppies, or rainbows!

    As for referring to people who are attracted to 15-year-old busty teenagers as 'pedophiles', I think you need to come to terms with something. Brace yourself! EVERYONE MALE WITH A FUNCTIONING PENIS, REGARDLESS OF AGE, IS ATTRACTED TO HOT TEENAGE GIRLS. There, now you can move on with your life.


    its ok miley do wat u do best and finish making ur shows their just pics dont let them get 2 u or the rude comments everybody else says everybody makes mistakes ur just a kid and if thats wat u wanna do then do it its not like these kids that send u comments dont do it- GOOD LUCK


    that not nude. don't disappoint yr fans.


    We must not forget that she is a child. Children are not children for very long and to make them grow up quickly is not good parenting. To have this child Miley pose with a seductive look on her face, is child abuse in yet another form. She is but a child.


    want to know the real whores vancessa zack britney zoey fk em all go search them see em nasty hoes


    all you guys r making fricking deal about the pic it was just a pic she took for her west photoshoot god damn it shes not naked god shes only 15 god

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