Lisa Robin Kelly Death Labeled a "Mystery" by Authorities, Autopsy to Come

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Lisa Robin Kelly died at the young age of 43 yesterday.

And that's about all authorities known for certain right now.

The actress passed away in her sleep just a few days into her latest treatment stint, but officials from the Pax Rehab House insist they never gave Kelly any drugs.

Law enforcement officials confirm that no foreign substances were found in Lisa's system and have labeled her passing a "mystery" at the moment.

There was no vomit in her airway. There was no signs of trauma anywhere in the room or around the former That 70s Show star.

Kelly's boyfriend took her to the hospital on Sunday after she registered a .34 blood-alcohol level. He then pushed for her to enter rehab the following day, despite the numerous times that such an admission had failed in the past.

Sadly, we'll never know if Kelly was in the proper mindset to finally turn her life around.

An autopsy is planned, but the results may not be known for weeks.

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Actually dying of heart related problems while early on in the detox process in Rehab places isn't that uncommon... It happens far more than they'd like people to know, because it may make some people not seek out the help they need. It's something that needs to be monitored closer though for the sake of all patients trying to better themselves in rehab. Normally these people aren't famous so they don't print the numbers of just how many die during detox and a very large percentage of those that do die die because of heart related problems. Maybe one day they'll start to do more about this "mystery" that isn't so mysterious.