Lisa Robin Kelly Dies; That 70s Show Actress Was 43

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Lisa Robin Kelly has lost her battle with substance abuse.

The actress, best known for her role as Eric's older sister on That 70s Show, died last night while asleep inside a rehab facility. She was 43 years old.

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According to Kelly's agent, Lisa voluntarily checked herself in to a treatment center just last week to tackle an ongoing problem with alcohol.

"She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle," the agent tells TMZ.

Kelly has indeed faced numerous personal issues over the past couple of years.

She was arrested in November for assaulting her estranged husband, who insiders say once beat her in order to obtain residual money from her sitcom.

He served 35 days in jail for the incident and Lisa filed for divorce in July.

The actress' new boyfriend brought Kelly into rehab Monday, but not in time to save her life. She went into cardiac arrest Wednesday evening and could not be saved.

All told, Kelly was arrested four times in the past three years for DUI, spousal abuse and assault.

We hope she is now resting in peace.


beautiful pic mi dear


Certainly with your believed.Thank you for your sharing.


so sad


Another tragedy due to drugs.


how on earth does she die in a rehab facility?

Brittany alloway
@ Rita

A lot of rehab facilities don't have the capabilities to deal with certain medical emergencies.

@ Brittany Alloway

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This is becoming a sad and too often told story. Perhaps she will now have peace which apparently has illuded her for a number of years. The price of fame is high.

@ Spare+me

alcohol dependence is a dangerous and frequently lethal illness. Sometimes, despite the very best of care, the body cannot survive the process of detox and withdrawal.


R.I.P So Sad


Did she ever have children???

Janet ponce

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I feel bad that she died, but I don't want to sound mean, but will they ever learn? I know it's an addiction, but at least she tried. May she R.I.P.

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