Kristen Stewart: Really Missing Robert Pattinson!

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Yes, Robert Pattinson stopped by Kristen Stewart's home this month.

But a sources tells Hollywood Life that "work" continues to come first for both stars and a rekindled romance is not in the cards at the moment.

Much to the chagrin of Stewart. She misses her man, even as just a good friend.

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"It’s Rob who has distanced himself from Kristen," this insider reports. "He rarely hangs out in the same area as Kristen and her friends. It’s just easier for him this way. He’s kind of had to start a new life with new friends."

The anonymous pal goes on to say that Stewart has major regrets over kissing Rupert Sanders ("She feels like she and Rob would be still be together if she had never cheated...")  and that there's a void in the Twilight Saga beauty's life.

"She misses their friendship the most. He was the one person who really got her, who really understood her."

This may explain Stewart's recent meltdown.

She EXPLODED at a paparazzo a couple weeks ago, which could easily have been the result of all the tension and sadness inside of her. Let's hope these kids both end up happy.


It's a lie about the Zac Efron story, it's all BS, Kristen did not say this think this, or imagine that, some dumb fan (me) would suggest it. I thought they might be cute together and you have to admit he likes to have fun, She needs to relearn about fun.. And all I have to say about Rob Pattinson and Kristen. Is HEY ROB, is she far enough away from you now???, or does she need to go further for you to be comfortable Rob??? Maybe she can find a movie in India or Tibet. How that???? I know she wouldn't consider living in Europe but I think she would be happier, Never another picture where they keep trying to say how unhappy and pitiful she is without (THE LOVE OF HER LIFE) She can walk down the street walking her dogs. Go to Concerts. 100 things that she can't do here because she is a prisoner in her own home. She can't even go swim in her own pool without the paparazzi standing on ladders taking her picture. All the tabs are saying she had a rough summer, I'ld say she had a rough 16 months. Oh well she'll be back in Europe to film SWATH 2 soon. She gets to escape the hollyweird scene again. She is still as beautiful as ever and looks well rested.




don't panic: I'M COMING, honey!!

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