Finding Dory: Pixar Changes Ending Due to Controversial SeaWorld Documentary

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Finding Dory is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated sequels in recent memory. Finding Nemo was hugely popular with both children and adults and the sequel is bound to be as successful.

However, it now appears that the movie we all see in the theaters will not end as originally planned thanks to the orca documentary, Blackfish.

Check out the story below!

So Dory and friends were originally going to end up in a marine park. Now they'll be able to leave the marine park if they so desire. 

There were a few stories of kids flushing things down the toilet to send them to "the ocean" like in Finding Nemo so maybe workers in marine parks should be on red alert when Finding Dory comes out in 2015.

I can just see the headlines now... "Child Attempts to Take Home Puffin From Marine Park".

It should be noted that Disney has made no official statement regarding the altered ending.

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