Khloe Kardashian Responds to Lamar Odom, Marriage Rumors: EFF YOU!

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The rumors are running rampant. And Khloe Kardashian cannot take it any longer.

Is she getting a divorce from Lamar Odom? Is Odom on drugs? Specifically, crack cocaine?

Did he cheat on her with Jennifer Richardson? What about Polina Polonsky? Seriously... what is the deal with these two, who have not been spotted together in public since early June?!?

Khloe did not give any answers on Twitter, but she did lash out at those spreading the chatter.

"Really hard to sit here and listen to people talk sh-t about my family!" the 29-year-old wrote. "F-ck you and shame on you! I'm too protective for this sh-t!"

We have no idea the state of this union or of Odom, but it's not hard to blame Khloe for getting fired up over such constant talk.

Then again, this is what happens when you shine the public spotlight on every aspect of your life, isn't it? You can't star in a reality show about your marriage... and then get irritated when people gossip about that marriage.

As for Lamar, he has not spoken out in many weeks, but his last Tweet (on July 12), did not reveal any trouble at home. He wrote to followers:

"Before her there never was and without her will never be. Wifey is real."


Well if it's true that Khloe kicked him out of his own house. She was kind of asking for this outcome. Khloe shouldnt of kicked Lamar out. If he's a crackhead. All he can live for is crack.
And that's pretty damn sad. Lamar has a career many dream off,a good wife,a loving home. Yet he's throwing it away for his selfish addiction.


Up until now I thought it was rumors but here in NY on the 11:00 Eyewitness News channel 7 which I definitely consider a reliable source, they said Lamar has had a Drug problem for the past 2 years and this week the Kardashians staged an Intervention and Lamar left and Khloe is worried he is on another Drug Binge and how concerned they are for him . Wow I feel so bad for Khloe. I sorry this has happen but with all the chatter I knew something was wrong.

@ jules

Well.... Look who posted bail! Up in NYC? You couldn't even tell me what state NYC is in. You feel bad for Khloe and I've been in tears half the night over the same thing! What a pair we are! If he is smoking crack you better hope you are not where it came from. Not like you need more problems.

@ Sims


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