Jennifer Aniston WILL BE Pregnant at 45 Next Year, Tabloid Alleges

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Is Jennifer Aniston pregnant? No. Not a chance.

But hey, why let that stop you if you're In Touch and you want a break from Kim Kardasian or Kate Middleton coverage? Exactly. Just go with it people.

The celebrity gossip magazine claims that after YEARS of failed relationships, her baby dreams will FINALLY be realized ... next year. Maybe.

A Baby For Jen

According to this obviously reliable source, Jen has begun IVF treatments, and if all goes as planned, she’ll be pregnant by her 45th birthday February 11.

IF she's not already. IN TOUCH WILL NOT RULE THAT OUT!

"She’s ready,” says an insider close to Jen and fiancee Justin Theroux, adding that she will be “an amazing mom.” We have no doubt she will ... but come on.

How many years will it take before this story stops being recycled? Between this and her lack of weddings, we're almost hitting Jen tabloid fatigue.

She even said this week that she has no date set with Theroux, though she already feels married. Are kids in the future for them? Maybe. Or not.

We won't know for sure until she actually is pregnant, but she's certainly in no hurry, and the obsession with the topic on tabloids' part is a tad strange:

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please welcom the "Down Syndrom"?


It's getting really old. When and if she actually becomes pregnant, no ones gonna believe it because it's been falsely reported to many times lol. But I absolutely love her! She's one of my favorite actresses.