Cool Runnings Written Under the Influence of Heroin

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Reddit can be a great source of information, especially when it comes to their AMA (Ask Me Anything) posts. This week, screenwriter Tony Swerdlow took to the site in hopes of raising some publicity for his Indiegogo project, The House Itself.

However, it was Swerdlow's admission of being high as a kite while writing such classics as Cool Runnings and Little Giants that caught everyone's attention.

Cool Runnings Photo

The amazing part? Swerdlow's description of his reaction to the heroine, "it made no difference... it was like using oxygen it didn't get me high.. just let me function.. glad you love the movie though."

So heroine is like oxygen? Not having ever used heroine I'll have to take his word for it but that was certainly not what I would have expected.

Swerdlow is clean now thanks to having suffered a heart valve infection that more or less forced him to drop the drugs. We wish him all the luck with his new film. Always nice to see someone get their act together, "like using oxygen" or not.

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