Evelyn Lozada-Chad Johnson Split Detailed on Emotional Basketball Wives Premiere

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Evelyn Lozada’s split from Chad Johnson was the focal point of the Basketball Wives Season 5 premiere, rehashing the developments of last year.

Ones that are clearly still raw, despite time partially healing the wounds.

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Evelyn Lozada wed the NFL star in mid-2012, but they split just six weeks later after a fight that ended with him arrested for domestic violence.

Accused of infidelity after she allegedly found a condom receipt in the car, Chad Johnson head-butted her during the ensuing, heated argument.

Monday's Basketball Wives premiere showed Lozada deciding to go public with her story and meeting with her publicist to schedule a series of interviews.

There was a dramatic dinner with her castmates to discuss her relationship and a heart-to-heart between Lozada and her daughter Shaniece.

It was Shaniece who advised her mom not to reconcile with Johnson.

“I don’t really think that’s a good idea,” Shaniece told Evelyn, who was considering doing so, adding that, “I didn’t like him from the beginning.”

Lozada’s daughter added later that her decision to file for divorce immediately after suffering bruises at her then-husband’s hand was the right one.

“I’m proud of you,” said Shaniece.“And I’m sure there’s a lot of other women who are proud too. Starting over isn’t so bad. We’ll start over together.”

Not that it was easy. Evelyn Lozada has admitted that had the domestic violence remained private, she likely would’ve stayed with her husband.

“I had physical scars. Obviously, I had to go to the hospital. I’m going to admit if there wasn’t, I probably would have went right back in that house."

"Would have brushed it under the rug. I wouldn’t have wanted the world to know,” she told Access Hollywood. “It’s still difficult even though it was a year ago."

"That was right after it happened. It was hard. I’m trying to move on with my life and now the show’s airing, so just having to deal with it all over again…”

Though Evelyn shared that she was a bit relieved when Chad took responsibility for the incident, he recently suggested that he was just playing his part.

As for reports that the two may still reconcile, Lozada says that while she and Johnson are on better terms these days, there is no way it's happening.

“I’m moving on with my life. He’s moving on with his life,” she said.

“I’m glad things are where they’re at.”

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It seems the thought of going back has crossed her mind. Smh but she's a big girl. I only wish she didn' t treat Jen as bad as she. Smh Their friendship was good until ego camera hogging Chad came along. She was a true friend and gave her the warning. I am glad or hope she knows she can make it with or without him. Gl Evelyn


It seems the thought of going back has crossed her mind. Smh but she's a big girl. I only wish she didn' t treat Jen as bad as she. Smh Their friendship was good until ego camera hogging Chad came along. She was a true friend and gave her the warning. I am glad or hope she knows she can make it with or without him. Gl Evelyn


Unless you were there, you don't know what happened. To judge people off of a TV show (the point of which is to get ratings at any cost) or statements in a police report (which aren't always true) is not fair to anyone involved and, quite honestly, immature.


Go get your husband if,you want to. Trust your heart and pray between the 2 you will figure it out .

@ Denise

F.O.H with going back to an abuser!


I recall when they were picking a spot for their wedding, every hotel on Miami beach turned them down because of Evelyn's violent reputation. Noody wanted that hood rat on their property. I also recall that on the police report, Chad stated that Evelyn head butted HIM and he was trying to protect himself from her. Since her violent irrational behavior is well documented, it seems strange that the media is giving Evelyn a platform for her smear campaign against Chad. I suppose it's because she's all over the place hooting and hollering her side of the events, sucking the situation for every ounce of publicity. There is a special place in hell reserved for this woman.


I have liked u from day 1.....u are human!!!.. and all of us deserve to experience love....its messed up how things play out...but at the end of the day u are still strong in my eyes....keep ur head up and fuck what the rest of these hoes gotta say!!!......stay beautiful and pretty!!!....NEW YORK ALL DAY BABY! !!


He needs to be strung from the highest tree. Every woman abuser and child abuser does. I don't care who the woman or child is, they don't deserve to get beat.

@ Frogmore

Back in the old days, we called guys who beat on women sissies, and Johnson is one of the biggest sissies I've seen in a long time. Has he been to jail for assault and battery? He certainly should have been, and he should have to serve time and pay high fines too, as well as get stuck with HUGE bills for alimony in the divorce. All sissies who beat their woman should have to pay alimony. That's what you get for smacking a broad - SISSIE!!!


Evelyn is a loser period. She loves abusing women and cussing, playing the foul mouthed bully, but she gets head butted and all of a sudden she's a victim. Can't wait to hear Chads side of the story..then it'll be bye Evelyn..

@ HoneyB

So it's ok for a man to beat a woman who's a loser? In whose insane book idiot!?!

@ Frogmore

It's ok for a woman to beat other woman? Your the idiot, he stated in the police report that SHE head butted him. I believe him because she is a documented ABUSER who tries to BEAT women and attacks them with wine bottles.


Proud of you Evelyn! You have a very wise daughter! You have raised her well. I wish you the very best I truly hope you find that someone special! Keep your head held high!


Evelyn you are such a loser to even think about going back to that UGLY loser, I don't care how much money he has or had. Chad is washed up and he deserves it!! You want to be married that bad you would contemplate going back to your abuser!? SMDH!!