Chad Johnson Arrested For Domestic Violence, Accused of HEAD-BUTTING Evelyn Lozada

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Chad Johnson (formerly Chad Ochocinco) was arrested last night for domestic violence. The alleged victim was his wife, Basketball Wives' Evelyn Lozada.

The NFL star is accused of head-butting Lozada during an argument.

Police arrived at the scene to find her with lacerations on her forehead; Lozada went to the hospital for treatment. Crazy. So what started the incident?

Chad Johnson (Ochocinco) Mug Shot

According to TMZ, the fight started over condoms in Chad's car. Seriously.

Evelyn Lozada apparently found a receipt for them (not sure which brand or what size) in the couple's Maserati and confronted him about it.

An argument broke out and Chad head-butted Evelyn. The football star reportedly told the cops he butted heads with his wife by accident.

Johnson was in custody in Davie, Fla., as of 8:45 p.m. last night and will have to go before a judge before he can be released on bond.

It's possible he could be there until tomorrow morning. Stay tuned.

Lozada married Chad Ochocinco - who changed his named back to Johnson so his wife wouldn't have to take the name Ochocinco - on July 4.

For what it's worth, the couple briefly called off their wedding earlier this year, allegedly amid rumors of his cheating, before reconciling.

UPDATE: Johnson has been released from jail - and released by the Miami Dolphins, who cut the star 24 hours after this story broke.


Despite her aggressive behaviors she doesn't deserve a head butt.


I don't care what kind of bitch Evelyn is, she didn't deserve to be headbutted by a damn football player! Chad knew how she was before he married her and if he didn't think his temper could handle her nasty mouth, he should've kept it movin. Even tho she told him to wrap it up, she also showed that she was jealous and didn't want him wit other women. I am not defending her actions but I'm just not condoning violence period, whether man on woman or vice versa. For all the men that think his actions are cool, ur bitches and for all the women, I hope ur ass whoopin is deliverd soon so that u can see how it feels cuz most of y'all mouths are just like Evelyns!

@ Kells

What does she deserves then?


I wonder how jennifer feels bout this. Sometimes friends are right, though their opinions might not b sed the right way.


you know being a celab is not a bad thing it a sad thing finding a good man or woman is almost not even hard of In the world of caleb. maybe they should go back where they came from , and get the girl or guy that they wanted before they were famous and give them the good life.


She all ready said on the show she didn't care if he slept around as long as he use a condom I remember when she said that. Now you going flip REALLY


How much you wanna BET she was provoking him? Not saying it was right, but if you've seen the show you KNOW she is violent and was probably hitting him or provoking him other ways.


Forget about what I say. I was suppose to say: Chad should not hit a woman. Disregard my last comment.


Chad should hit a woman. That is a big no no. A man should never hit a woman.


she should have listened to jen i know she's lol

@ shawanda

And a women should????? Stay the hell out of his face and definitely not act as a man and have to get taken down...


Lozada, a money-hungry, bullying cunt is getting just what she deserves and just what most people predicted. No person has the right to assault anyone else - although Lozada certainly doesn't hold herself to this standard. After watching BBW I can't stand this "woman." She knew Ochocinco was a cheating piece of shit and married him anyway. Why? For the presitge, the attention, the money, the maserati, etc. Why he married HER is anyone's guess. Maybe he really believed she would put up with his crap. However, she said whatever she needed to say to get him to marry her. Now, let's see how long it takes this whore to file for divorce and ask for lots of money. I hope he was smart enough to make the greedy bitch sign a pre-nup. She deserves just what she brought to the relationship. Nothing. Now, I pray she fades from the public eye to be the skanky loser she will always be but so the rest of us don't have to hear about it.

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