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This is really all you need to know about Anna Kendrick in the new issue of GQ:

But aside from looking ridiculously hot in a black bra, the actress also comes across like one of the coolest actresses in Hollywood.

In the magazine, the 28-year-old dishes on everything from the outbreak of “Cups” to a rumored collaboration with Kendrick Lamar.

Anna Kendrick in Pitch Perfect 3

Take a few hours to stop salivating over the above photo and scroll down for excerpts from her Q&A…


On actually being drunk while filming Drinking Buddies: “It was very, very bizarre, let me tell you. I’m sure you’ve never been drunk in the middle of your job, but it is uncomfortable.”

“For some of the movie, it was fine, and it worked in the scene, and so it was helpful for them. But I mostly found it really unnerving.”

On the success of “Cups”: “I am bewildered. I don’t even know what to say about it.”

“The weirdest thing to me is that it’s out-positioned artists who are out there promoting their singles, as they should be – they’re musicians! And I’ve been making movies.”

On working with Kendrick Lamar: “It’s definitely one of the most popular things said to me on Twitter: ‘Oh, you should do a mash-up with Kendrick Lamar!'”

“There’s a picture of our faces mashed together. It’s very weird! It just goes to show you, the Internet is mostly about wasting time.”