THG Caption Contest: Nicki Minaj at the Strip Club!

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Welcome, readers, to another edition of THG's Caption Contest!

This afternoon's image comes to us from a local strip club, where none other than Nicki Minaj popped in and quickly made her presence felt.

We know Nicki "endorses" strippers, but sometimes, a picture really is worth 1,000 words. What would be the best caption for this one? You tell us!

Just leave comment(s) with your best caption(s) for the, um, interesting Nicki pic below! Go to it! Our winner will be announced Thursday. Good luck ...

UPDATE: Your winner is Jenna. Congrats!

Nicki Minaj with a Stripper

"Now THAT'S a super bass!"


so nic


this rap shit aint working , back to my day job .. licking dirty stripper ass


A bigger ass than me and I can shit a beer can out my ass


This whore has a

Ms billie

Nicki Minaj: Just one last lick before I leave!


She is disgusting. She is one of the reasons Idol was going down hill. She is a nothing...


...TODAY @ THE ZOO ......


that's exactly true ... Animals at the zoo do clean each other ...and i think they try to cross-mate and stuff .. oook that's animals !!1


Why cant these come with self stick glue... My tongue is killing me!!!


Shove your white cracker prick in there at your own risk !!


This is absolutely the height of it......I just have to take it that Nicki is Homo...shit! What role is she tryina lay down?

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