Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer: Mr. Smith, Your Court Is Now Available

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Grand Theft Auto has long held the stigma of being "that game where you shoot everyone and run over hookers" but it appears they are trying to class up their act with Grand Theft Auto V.

Yes, we can discuss how there's three main characters now instead of just the one. Sure, it'd be easy to focus on 'voyeur' aspect included with those three characters. 

However, I'd rather take a moment and talk about the leisure aspects in this new Grand Theft Auto ...

They are playing tennis now? Parachuting? Golfing? 4-Wheeling?

Thank heavens there was a dude trying to shove a foot down a dirty toilet or I would have forgotten what game we were looking at!

And for the love of all that is holy, what is with the narrator of this gameplay trailer? I fully expected her to tell me all about the spacious floor plan that is just perfect for entertaining. 

All that aside, Grand Theft Auto V looks promising, if for no other reason than I can play a nice game of tennis on the weekend to unwind from my stressful job.

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