The Bachelorette Preview: Is Brooks Forester Ready For Marriage?

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Is Brooks Forester ready for marriage on The Bachelorette? And do any of his three remaining competitors stand a better chance with Desiree Hartsock?

The hometown dates (or The Bachelorette spoilers) will reveal all!

At least, that's what Desiree is hoping for in Monday's all-new episode, where she puts her quality time with each member of the final four's family to good use:

Before the two ladies in Brooks' life - Des and his mom - sit down for some girl talk, the elder Forester takes note of the duo's interactions at dinner.

The way she gazes upon Brooks Forester is "with a love was very tender to see that happening," she says ... his mom, that is. About Des.

Things get serious, however, when Brooks' mom asks Desiree Hartsock flat-out if she could see herself marrying and having a family with her son.

"I see the potential in that," Desiree says, but "The main thing I was wondering was if he was ready for marriage because he has mentioned that he wasn't sure."

Ooooooh. Do you think Brooks is ready for marriage? Is he the one for Desiree Hartsock? Is all of this doubt about his commitment level just misdirection?

Tell us what you think in the comments, and take a look at the preview for next week's episode of The Bachelorette above to see what you think:

Who do you think is the best fit for Des?


It's most likely Drew that she has really fallen for. Consider the writers much more savvy about keeping an audience around for the entire season and want more next season. They are brilliant as they have masterfully set up most of the audience to perceive that it's Brooks. It is Drew but he rejects Dez and her heart is shattered - game over. Reference the episode that Dez tells Drew that he is THE reason she is there. First season to end in a very unexpected manner which makes the Bachelor even more desireable to engage in. Stroke of brilliance by the writers. Not sure what religious system Brooks is a part of but seems to be LDS. If Dez is not and Brook's family actually is, that will surely be a major point of contention at a later date, unless she makes a choice to join the LDS system. Brooks is a brilliant diversion - just sayin'


Done deal - its BROOKS! She said she is in love with him!!! Then send the others home! She has already made her choice (obviously). It is not fair to Drew or Chris as they fall for her and in her heart she has already made her decision! I think they are around just in case Brooks get cold feet and doesn't say the "L" word or bigger yet, won't discuss the "M" word,,,,,it's time for Brooks to quit sitting on pause and hit the start button!


the number of his bank account, please.
...........SHE IS AMERICAN, what's got love to do with it?

@ abe

Fuck you, Abe!

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