The Bachelorette Spoilers 2013: Desiree Hartsock Final Four, WINNER Revealed!

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Desiree Hartsock begins her quest for love and ratings as The Bachelorette May 27, and we're starting to piece together the coming season bit by bit.

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    WOW! Congratulations, dear Preston. If anyone is going to be punttig together a dream all-inclusive wedding package, who better than you? And what a fantastic idea; and dream location! Oh I wish you (and all involved) all the very best in this new and super exciting venture!Happy Christmas and safe travels! (And keep us posted on the couples' whose weddings you'll be planning at this amazing venue!)


    These programs show how ignorant and stupid Americans really are! Having the show in Vietnam and having contestants wearing the native hats after we bombed the hell out of them in the 60's shows how stupid our country has become! If these guys and girls cannot go out and meet someone in real life then they need more help than anyone can give them!!!


    This season of The Bachelorette was a completely awful one. How on earth can Desiree be so madly in love with Brooks one minute and be heartbroken, and then the next minute she decides to be in love with Chris .... what a complete bunch of pure baloney .... How stupid is that kind of behaviour, it only goes to show that she is desperate ... and any man will do in the end .... I have been a Brooks fan from the start and wasn't surprised she fell for him ... but then getting engaged to Chris, was a crock ....


    I knew it; I said to myself a week or so ago she will not pick Drew. She had said he's the sweetest, kindest guy in the world. The sweet, kind guys never get picked.

    @ Chris

    Sweet, kind guys aren't picked even when they are very attractive.


    I have been routing for Brooks since week one. I am sure there have been other guys on the Bachelorette who have not 'clicked' with the woman and some have left as we have seen. Brooks is being honest and to disparage him for telling her is wrong. Personally as the weeks went on after meeing his family if I were Des I would have chosen Zak but I am not and neither is anyone else out there. Whoever she does or does not choose is up to her.


    This season following Des and her search for love is like watching a hearts in a train wreck ! Des has repeatedly said that she does not find Brooks' body as "hot" as the other guys. And people wonder WHY he isn't feeling the 'non love' ? For a girl that is "so in love with Brooks" she keeps gushing on about all of the other men and their hot bods '??' When you think that you "love a man" but you don't find his body irresistible that's called "friendship" '!' Chris deserves a mature woman who is an adult. Drew deserves an appreciative lady who is grown up as well. Neither of these guys deserve to be taken for granted. Juan Puablo and Zak were better suited for her, and I still hold the belief that James would have been 'enjoyable' and what's so bad about eating chocolates, sipping wine, dancing and boating on a lake under the stars; .. huh? Maybe then she would realize what it is she really wants and be ready for a long term relationship that would lead her down the isle to her soul love (;


    Brooks is a Momma's boy. He hasn't grown all up yet. He is so stiff it would be like making love to an ironing board. Granted he is gorgeous but I think this has been Desiree's downfall. She wants a beautiful man to make up for how she feels about herself. (Been there, know that). Desiree needs therapy. Brooks needs to grow up. Chris, so sorry, you will be the victim of all this dysfunction.

    @ Deborah

    Deborah...ironing board, huh? HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! That's a good one...funny, yet true. LOL!!!!! I (also) believe that Brooks is a Momma's Boy. Bottom Line here: Desiree needs a REAL MAN!!!!! And that annoying dip-shit Brooks doesn't even remotely come close. No.


    I watch reality shows - believe it or not - to see what lengths people will go to make themselves look SO stupid! It's totally entertaining in that sense. However, I spent TWO hours last night watching Dez and Brooks cry! OMG! Can it get any worse! I don't think I'll be watching this show again if that's the stuff the SHOULD have been edited and wasn't. I'll never get those two hours back!


    Brooks is conflicted - he wants the love you see in movies - he did have some of that but this is a scripted, set-up reality show. He feels torn in the mess!!! I feel bad for Chris and Drew. It is possible to fall in love , quickly. The question is, can it last after the cameras and the cool locations go away? I think that's what Brooks is thinking about.


    I have been in love with Brooks from day 1. Next best thing to Johnny Depp, and YES, I LOVE HIS HAIR!

    @ malady

    @malady yes!!! Me too! I don't even care that they are dysfunctional right now. They are still the most honest, raw couple!

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