Sydney Elaine Leathers: Anthony Weiner Sexting Partner, Photos Revealed

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Sydney Elaine Leathers has been revealed as Anthony Weiner's sexting partner, and things got pretty racy between them from the looks of these photos.

Sydney Elaine Leathers Photo

The 23-year-old Sydney tells TMZ that she sent Weiner sexy pics as recently as July 16, 2012, more than a year after he resigned from the U.S. House.

After the second Anthony Weiner sexting scandal broke earlier this week, he admitted he sexted after he left Congress, but said it's all over now.

His wife, Huma Abedin, who gave birth to their son in December 2011, is remarkably standing by her man, who is running for mayor of NYC.

As for Leathers, she says Anthony Weiner was persistent in his naughty pic requests, asking her to send tons of naked photos during their "relationship."

She obliged, sending him around 30 total. Check out some more:

Sydney Elaine Leathers Heels
Sydney Elaine Leathers Thong Pic

Yes, Weiner has a foot fetish apparently, and often asked for pictures of Leather's feet in heels, in addition to your standard topless thong action.

This was a two-way street, of course, so he sent back Weiner photos, making for the most amazing play on words you'll ever find in a real article.

Making matters worse for the New York mayoral hopeful, Weiner and Leathers spoke on the phone fairly often, something he was adamant about.

He enjoyed telling her about his sex dreams, which involved lots of shower sex and Sydney Elaine Leathers (we're guessing not Huma Abedin).

Weiner has refused calls to drop out of the 2013 race for mayor, but time will tell if this proves to be the nail in his comeback campaign's coffin.


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Yes, Weiner has a foot fetish apparently, and often asked for pictures of Leather's feet in heels, in addition to your standard topless thong action. THE VAST MAJORITY OF FETISHES ARE NO MORE ' PERVERTED ' THAN HOMOSEXUALITY


yo weiner..she pretty than your wife l.o.l..


she ..ugly..


she ..ugly..


Sydney, Anthony was wrong, improper and stupid. Like many men the part of the brain assigned to the penis rules his action. As for you, I think of many negative adjectives to describe your actions. You are wrong for going public and you know it!




What is it with these liberal democrats? JFK,Bill Clinton, Weiner- cant keep it in their pants and the guy is supported by Al Sharpton as he runs for Mayor. This party will take anyone. You couldn't make this up.

@ Amazing no doubt

You have a convenient slant on reality....what about these republicans....
Ted Haggard, Larry Craig. Bob Allen, Glen Murphy JR., Mark Foley, Mike Duval, Congressman Mark Sanford, Bob Packwood, Bob Livingston, Rudy Giuliani, pedophile Jon Grunseth.....maybe you should do a little research before slinging the mud.....This is just a SHORT list of Republicans!!!!

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