New Rush Posters: Chris Hemsworth's Pores Up Close!

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These new international posters from Ron Howard's new film, Rush are rather in your face. Literally.

Based on a true story, Rush tells the tale of Formula 1 racing in it's heyday and it's big names, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. The film stars Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl. 

However, the first thought when seeing these posters might not be about auto racing. Rather you might be leaning back thinking "yes, there is such a thing as too close."

Rush International Poster
Rush Movie International Poster

I'm sure it'll be a great movie but these posters show exactly why some people need to step away from Photoshop. And perhaps give Daniel Bruhl an apple before he starts eating Chris Hemsworth's ear as he gazes at it like a Thanksgiving turkey.

Rush is set to premiere September 20. Check out the Rush trailer now!


This is one of the few bio-cinemas so far on my list of New Cinematherapy. It is very well done. The story of the curious comradeship & professional rivalry of these two exceptional drivers, James Hunt & Nikki Lauda, is totally worth remembering. Even after only one viewing I salute the efforts in the production, cast, directors, camera-people & of course the editing. Editing is where the art is done. Bravo, cast & crew & thanks again, Gossip for this opportunity to share my love of film & the healing that it can bring. We at WuQi Qigong salute you all.


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