Maci Bookout to Weight Critics: Eat It, Fatties!

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Teen Mom star Maci Bookout is hitting back at her weight critics, saying that she'll start eating more burgers when other people start giving them up.

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Maci has long been critiqued because of her slim figure, but snapped on Twitter last week when people started to imply she has an eating disorder.

“From now on everytime someone tells me i need to eat a cheeseburger I'm gonna say well give me every one u eat then we’ll both look better,” she tweeted.


Of course, haters being haters, they kept piling it on: “@MaciBookoutMTV you need a soul is what you really need,” one fan replied to Maci’s tweet.

Maci’s response: “If others are jealous, you’re doing something right. #Truth”

And at least she's not Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham. #Preach.

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not only does she look 45, she has horrible fake boobs. when
she is 45, those things are going have saggy skin and be with hard-as-rocks balloons floating in them.


teen mom? this chick looks 45 years old. forget eating - she needs to take care of her skin :(


correct: 95 percent of the american people ar simply FATTIES!!


Damn u were a teen mom? You look like an orange 45 yr old. Please have several seats and take care of Toyota.

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