Kanye West Paparazzi Rage: Fueled By Ray J, Kris Humphries, Reggie Bush Taunts!

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Kanye West hates the paparazzi. Hard.

This is not news, as evidenced most recently by him exploding at a cameraman yesterday over basically nothing. But why the incredibly short fuse?

Pissed Off Ye

'Ye vowed to have a more peaceful relationship with the media after his camera-smashing incident at LAX way back in 2008, and for a time he did.

Until he got serious with Kim Kardashian.

Sources close to the egomaniac rapper say he feels that when cameramen ask him inappropriate questions about their relationship in public, it crosses the line.

Seriously. Even though he knowingly got with and impregnated Kim Kardashian of all people, this behavior is both surprising and unacceptable to him.

The breaking point? In October 2012, when a paparazzo in Miami asked Kimye if they would be inviting Kris Humphries and Reggie Bush to their wedding.

Then this spring, he was similarly asked if Ray J - the man who hit it first and catapulted her to fame - would be attending Kimberly's baby shower.

Unnecessary, sure, but pretty harmless, yeah?

Not for 'Ye. Since then, he's been on the warpath against anyone with a camera, getting verbally and even physical when people talk to him.

Things escalated back in May when he walked into a pole and went NUTS at the paps there to film that flub, and have gotten testier still ever since.

Which is odd, in a way, since if he'd just keep his head down (while watching out for street signs of course), he might get a lot less crap from people.

He gets SO upset if people try to engaged him, but he's playing right into their hand. Maybe he should take his own advice and DON'T EVER TALK!!!!

Right? What's your take on this?

Kanye West rage issues:


Is Kanye unpredictable or predictable?


You couldn't tape his mouth shut. He seems to think he's a supreme being to the rest of us. Just because he married a ho
is not Humphries, bush, or Ray J's fault. What did the idiot
expect? I frankly thought he'd runthe other way. Kim's too good to change dipars, Kayne's too good to change dipars; poor Kourtney will probably get the chore.


He's such an idiot. He's too stuid to figure out that he's an easy target,with his short fuse. They know he'll say something. So that's why they put the cameras in his face and question away. He should just ignore them in all cases. Don't give into them..dumbazz


it's very simple: DO NOT SING ANY LONGER & "DIVORCE" KIM!!


I'm sorry was it not the kim k that released a sex tape....? He knew the background. Annoying trash with money. What question was not appropriate with this crap family?!!


I'm not a West fan, but honestly....why are these paps not charged with stalking?! It's ridiculous! Everyone, regardless of fame, deserves to live and have a private life! Get a real job and stop feeding off of people. They make streets, roads, sidewalks, and businesses dangerous for everyone.


He has major rage issues, he does need to calm down


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